Anthrax Drummer Reveals One Lars Ulrich’s Part in Metallica Song That He Can’t Count, Explains Why Black Sabbath’s Bill Ward Is Underrated

In his recent chat with Revolver, Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante, who’s now also playing with the resurrected Pantera, discussed legendary Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward. Looking back at Ward’s work, Benante said (transcript via Ultimate Guitar):

“Bill Ward, I feel, doesn’t get the recognition of other drummers from that era. But the thing about Bill Ward – he was the jazziest drummer playing real heavy metal. And before it was called heavy metal, I remember Black Sabbath was called acid rock.”

Bill Ward Drum Solo

“And the things that Bill Ward played in those songs, to me, was so funky, so jazzy. And it just hit me right here when he would break into another section of the song…it’s so heavy. And it’s really not much to it; it’s how he approached it.

“[He was] always one of my favorite drummers to watch on stage, and as Sabbath got bigger, his kit bigger too. Maybe he was a Keith Moon fan, too.”

Bill Ward Beating The Drums

Elsewhere in the chat, Benante also discussed Metallica’s Lars Ulrich. Reflecting on the band’s earlier material, he pointed out some of Lars’ parts that aren’t as simple as they might seem. Praising Lars’ skills, Benante said:

“On those first four Metallica records, his playing is so great – just the way he thought in the song. Again, just really innovative. The playing on ‘Master of Puppets’ alone; there’s that fill he does on ‘Battery’ that I still don’t know the timing of.

Metallica "Battery"

“That’s so so great, because you didn’t expect it. I think that’s what his playing does. You don’t expect it, and then when it happens, you’re like, ‘Whoa!’ Like that part in ‘One’, that sextuplet part is so great, and it fits the song so well…


“I always thought Lars was one of those drummers [who’s] thinking for the song, and his parts that he puts in there – really clever.”

Photos: Ozzy Delaney (Charlie Benante (8167201954)), Carlos Rodríguez/Andes (Lars Ulrich 2016)


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