EXCLUSIVE: Pop Punkers Bad Planning share rig rundown and playthrough

Today we’re excited to bring you an exclusive guitar rig rundown and playthrough from Illinois pop punkers Bad Planning.

The video features guitarist Jack Coombs talking through his SG and Fender Mustang setup, as well as providing a playtrough of their latest single “Throw”.

Of the song, the band say “It’s short and sweet and that’s what we love about it. While it may not be the most complex song on the record, it holds a special place as a 2 and a half minute punch of big, loud punk rock.

The song comes from their new album Et Fortes, out May 6th on Jump Start Records. You can pre-order the vinyl here or here.

“This record represents a lot of growth for our band; past sound blending with new sound, and longtime bandmates with new ones. Writing this record gave us a sense of purpose during lockdown, and we can’t wait to share it.”

Keep an eye on the band’s Facebook for upcoming dates, and enjoy the video!

Bad Planning - Throw (Guitar Playthrough)
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