7 Best Soundproof Room Dividers (2024) Add Privacy, Appease Your Friends!

As guitarists, we often find ourselves either trying to set up a space that’s free of distractions so we can record or practice, or so that we can practice without disturbing others – either way making use of the best soundproof room dividers can be a huge help. One of the best soundproof room dividers we’ve come across is the Auralex MAX-Wall 420 Modular Acoustical Environment 4-pack. This is a modular, adaptable divider that can even be set up to provide acoustic treatment. It has a lightweight and sturdy design that makes it highly portable while remaining robust, and the thick foam paneling does a stellar job with sound absorption. This setup comes with four 20” x 48” panels, which makes it a good choice for hobbyists and even pros working in smaller spaces. Its blend of performance and price was the deciding factor in us naming the Auralex MAX-Wall 420 Modular Acoustical Environment 4-pack as our Top Pick for the best soundproof room dividers. 

If you’re willing to spend a bit more to get the most performance possible, you’ll probably want to take a look at the Auralex MAX-Wall 831 Modular Acoustical Environment 8-pack. This builds on the 4 pack setup we named as our top pick, and comes with eight 20” x 48” high density open cell foam panels, 3 MAX stands, and an MW 18” x 12” window panel. This really is the ultimate in portable soundproofing and room treatment, and offers an incredible reduction coefficient of 1.05. Despite the level of soundproofing it provides, it remains portable, and is built well enough to withstand both amateur and commercial use. It may be a more expensive setup, but we believe that it’s worth every penny, and that’s why we named it as our Editor’s Choice for the best soundproof room dividers. 

Cost conscious musicians will be pleased to know that we’ve found a great option in this 4 Panel Room Divider. This is a simple solution, but it offers surprisingly effective sound dampening, making it a great choice for players trying to reduce harsh frequencies in smaller spaces. This is a truly practical option, and is one of the most aesthetically plateauing, too – perfect if you’re trying to avoid making your apartment or home look too much like a studio. It comes fully assembled, and folds in and out concertina-style, making it extremely easy to set up and pack down when you don’t need it. It’s available in a range of colors, and it’s a very affordable option for players on a tight budget – exactly why it was our Best Budget pick when it came to the best soundproof room dividers. 

Editor's Choice
Auralex MAX-Wall 831 Modular Acoustical Environment 8-pack

Auralex MAX-Wall 831 Modular Acoustical Environment 8-pack

Features: Fire retardant, 8 Total panels, Stands included

Benefits: Complete studio setup, 1.05 sound reduction coefficient, Meets fire/building codes

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Best Value
Auralex MAX-Wall 420 Modular Acoustical Environment 4-pack

Auralex MAX-Wall 420 Modular Acoustical Environment 4-pack

Features: Metal stands, Charcoal finish, 4 20" x 48" panels

Benefits: No tools required for setup, Easy setup and takedown, Works for guitar vocals and drums

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Best Budget
4 Panel Room Dividers

4 Panel Room Dividers

Features: Sturdy metal frame, 2 Hinges per panel, Rubber feet

Benefits: Easy to move, Can accommodate blankets for extra absorption, Ultra lightweight

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Individual Reviews

Top Pick

A complete solution to conveniently treat your acoustic space.

Auralex has been a trusted solution for musicians of all genres and budgets. Whether you want to acoustically treat a spare room, or be able to hear your mixes better in order to make more accurate decisions, the MAX-Wall 420 is one of the most convenient solutions on the market today.

The Auralex MAX-Wall 420 Modular Acoustical Environment 4-pack allows you to turn your music room into a partially acoustically treated space, for anything from mixing to rehearsing. Our favorite thing about this option is that it offers a temporary solution that does not destroy or stain your walls. 

We wanted to place the Auralex MAX-Wall 420 in our untreated room and started by setting up the two included stands. We then placed two panels on each stand, making a sort of wall of sound absorption, and then we were ready to go. 

Each of the panels measures 20″ x 48″, and made a big difference in our room. Reflection, weird frequency buildups, and other acoustic problems were nicely tamed by these four panels, and this was especially noticeable once we started playing our electric guitar through our loud and distorted Marshall combo amp. 

We used our Bluetooth speaker in order to play some rough mixes directly from our smartphone, and got a far more realistic glimpse of how these really sounded. All that uncontrolled sound bouncing and spectrum confusion was gone once we set up these Auralex panels.

When we finished our tests, we were able to easily take down the four MAX-Wall panels. We then simply stored them away in a convenient fashion. In short, a fantastic option for non-intrusive acoustic room divider that yields immediate results and is very convenient. 

Verdict: The Auralex MAX-Wall 420 Modular Acoustical Environment 4-pack allows you to acoustically treat a space, with ultimate convenience. This non-intrusive system does not require any glue or tools, and you can simply set it up and break it down in a matter of minutes.

Budget Choice

An affordable solution for partial sound separation.

This option offers some soundproofing for folks that are short on cash. Their main attraction is the convenience they offer. Additionally, you also get a stylish-looking separator that can look good in any room.

The 4 Panel Room Dividers and Folding Privacy Screens can help control a portion of your sound while offering an elegant and lightweight solution. The first thing we liked about it is that it is very easy to fold back or move to a different point in your room. 

Each screen is connected to the other by two hinges, which are also the mechanisms that allow you to fold them in order to move, or simply set them aside. The second thing we like about them is that there is no assembly required. We simply opened the box and pulled out the entire thing, and placed it in our room.

These screens fold flat for storage and weigh 15.4 lbs, so you can easily carry them around. They are 6 feet tall and can also add a bit of decor to a dull room. 

Verdict: The 4 Panel Room Dividers and Folding Privacy Screens offer some soundproofing to those that are severely short on cash. They excel in convenience, being lightweight and completely foldable, so you can move them around at will and easily store them as well.

Editor's Choice

A comprehensive solution for acoustic room division for discerning musicians.

This Auralex acoustic pack can be used either as a treatment for naked rooms or as a fantastic separator for rooms that already have some acoustic treatment. You can conveniently set up and break down this system, and it can make a massive difference in how you perceive sound once installed.

The Auralex MAX-Wall 831 Modular Acoustical Environment 8-pack is a fantastic choice for transforming your untreated room into an acoustic work environment or for separation in a larger room or professional studio. This system, besides providing great acoustic absorption, is also convenient and does not require any gluing or attachment to hard surfaces.

It took us only a few minutes to set up the MAX-Wall 831. Once we set the panels on the stands, we run several tests in order to truly try them out. First, we started by playing some loud electric guitar, while having the panels right in front of the amp in a sort of semi-circle. Here we got fantastic sound absorption. We found that these panels also did a great job of focusing the sound in order for us to be able to hear everything better.

We then rearranged the orientation of the panels and placed them in front of our Bluetooth speaker of 40 Watts. This made a massive difference, as we were in an empty room that normally has big frequency buildup problems and that is plain untreated for any music-related work. With the MAX-Wall 831, we could now not only enjoy listening to music but better understand what the frequencies were doing at all times

This system can even be used as a booth for vocals, guitars, and even drums, especially for rooms that already feature acoustic treatment. The MAX-Wall 831 with a window panel and window for greater convenience. 

Each of the eight panels is 20-inch by 48-inch and is fire retardant to better meet building and fire codes. The package includes three stands and panels with a reduction coefficient of 1.05 on a charcoal color. In short, a great solution that can positively transform an untreated space and be a great separator for treated spaces. 

Verdict: The Auralex MAX-Wall 831 Modular Acoustical Environment 8-pack is a great choice for transforming your untreated room into an acoustic work environment or for separation in a larger room or professional studio. This system provides great acoustic absorption and does not require any gluing. providing great convenience.

Also Consider

A small divider that can provide acoustic control for guitarists.

This panel will serve guitarists well as it can come in quite handy for recording electric guitars. This is especially true for loud parts that can be ruined in a bouncy room with no sound treatment, and it can be a true difference maker in many cases.

The Angeles Quiet Divider is made with a sound absorbent sponge that measures 30″ x 6′ in an elegant slate blue color. Once we had it out of the package and standing, we took one look at it and knew what we could use it for: separator for electric guitar amp recording. 

At just 13 pounds, it was easy to move the Angeles Quiet Divider exactly to where we wanted. We placed it right before our miked Twin Reverb amp in order to record a few tracks of electric guitar, both clean and distorted. 

We loved how this panel helped keep our sound focused and aided in the recording by providing a more balanced and controlled source. We did several tests and were able to conveniently move the panel back and forth as well as try different angles in order to determine how it affected our recorded tone and make the best possible choice. 

Measuring 30 in x 6 ft, it can accommodate different amps and cabinets, including bass and others that may be around the same size. Although a viable solution for acoustic separation, it is a bit limited given its size, as it cannot be used as a drum separator or partial vocal cabin. 

Verdict: The Angeles Quiet Divider features a sound absorbent sponge that does a good job at focusing sound and preventing unwanted acoustic effects when recording. This panel is particularly useful for recording electric guitars, although it could be used for similar applications like bass cab recording, etc.

Also Consider

An elegant option for dividing your room with added soundproofing.

These panels can come in handy for professional studios as well as home studios that already feature some acoustic treatment. Besides adding a touch of class to your space, these panels are also convenient and can be moved about depending on your particular needs.

The ReFocus Raw Freestanding Acoustic Room Divider 3 Pack is a set of acoustic panels that can help reduce contiguous noise while adding a bit of privacy or just plain separation between two recording environments. 

The first thing we liked about this Refocus room divider is that it is convenient. We had no problems moving it from place to place thanks to its lightweight construction. Additionally, their freestanding design and sturdy steel feet give it a sort of set-and-forget feel, great for different recording sessions that require constant panel moving. 

Besides convenience, these panels also gave us a sound absorbency rating of 0.85 NRC (85%). You can also use them to pin some documents, for instance, printed lyrics for a vocalist to use. 

Because of their dimensions of 23.6″ W x 14.625″ D x 62″ H, you can use these panels as part of a vocal booth, or even accommodate them around a singer to provide better sound for your recording. We tried them while recording acoustic guitars and they helped prevent the sound from bouncing from our empty walls back into our stereo mic setup

In short, a good option for creating soundproof separation and also an aid to recording sources like acoustic guitars. However, if you need to record a louder source like an electric guitar amp, you may want to look elsewhere.

Verdict: The ReFocus Raw Freestanding Acoustic Room Divider 3 Pack is a set of elegant and well-built acoustic panels that can help partially reduce adjacent noise. They are also lightweight and easy to move and provide a viable option for recording sources like the human voice and acoustic guitars.

Also Consider

Stylish room wall division for your project studio.

These panels can be of great use for the home studio while adding some sound absorption that can come in handy for recording sessions. Convenient and lightweight, they can help change the aspect of your studio for the better.

The ReFocus Freestanding Noise Reducing Acoustic Room Wall Divider allows you to create two different spaces in your room while providing sound absorption. You can set them up easily and move them at any time as they are light and convenient. 

The first thing we liked about these panels is that they feature zippered connections. In our tests, we were able to combine panels or use them individually. More importantly, the zipper in the middle provided better sound isolation than most regular connected panels are capable of.

These panels come with a sound absorbency rating of 0.85 NRC (85%); and employ the UL94-HB flame resistance standards, a great safety feature for your home or professional studio. 

With overall dimensions of 72″ W x 14.625″ D x 66″ H, we were able to set these panels as a sort of portable acoustic guitar booth. We recorded a few parts in both nylon and steel string guitars and got great results. In essence, these panels prevented our otherwise empty room from sending all kinds of unwanted reflections and frequency build-ups back to our recording mic

These panels also come with a 5-year limited warranty against defects and can be a good solution for project studios looking for a bit of room separation with a bit of acoustic treatment. However, you may want to consider other options if you are looking for a solution with more of a soundproofing factor.

Verdict: The ReFocus Freestanding Noise Reducing Acoustic Room Wall Divider lets you develop two different spaces in your room while providing sound absorption. They are easy to set up and move, and provide a solution for room separation that can also be used as an aid for recording sources that are not too hot.

Also Consider

Fantastic sound absorption with convenience included.

Auralex gives us a very effective and portable panel that not only adds separation but also focuses your recorded sound and avoids outside noises in your tracks. With a great build quality and very easy to move around, this panel can be used in both home and professional studios with great results.

The Auralex 4-inch ProGO 26 2×6 foot Stand Mounted Absorber is a stylish treatment panel that offers great sound absorption and convenient portability. It comes with a fabric covering and is made of fiberglass. Additionally, an MDF melamine floor stand provides great support, so you can easily move it about at will.

The ProGo is essentially a gobo (short for “go-betweens’). The original idea behind these was for studios to provide partial or enveloping walls behind or around performers, from singers to instrumentalists going through their respective amps. 

The first thing that we liked about the ProGo is how convenient it is. In the past, engineers would have to spend significant time in order to build their own gobos or employ a carpenter to do so. The ProGo saves you that time and gives you a portable solution that can work in a variety of situations.

We wanted to see how isolating and absorptive this gobo was, so we set up our Fender Blues Jr. amps right in front of the ProGo. We laid down several clean tracks, as well as some distorted lines for a demo. The ProGo helped focus our sound and also kept outside noises at bay.

We repeated the process, but now we switched our amp to a Fender Twin Reverb. Because the dimensions of the Progo are 2′ x 6′, we moved it a couple of feet back as we were using a larger amp. When listening back on our DAW to hear our recorded results, we found that the low end was tightened and the overall result was more contained and focused when compared to what we got in the empty room. 

In short, a great option that offers 12 sq. ft. of coverage and can be a great separator and provide absorption for several applications. However, you may want to buy at least two of these, in which case the costs elevate a bit. 

Verdict: The Auralex 4-inch ProGO 26 2×6 foot Stand Mounted Absorber is a gobo panel that offers great sound absorption and convenient portability. Made of fiberglass, it can be a great aid for recording amps and cabs, as well as other applications.

How To Choose The Right Dividers For You

Soundproof room dividers can help you create a better working space. Whether you are recording or just practicing, these absorption panels can make your room sound better, and create divisions that aid you in the long run. 

Arguably, soundproof room dividers can be of most use in untreated rooms. They can help tame sound waves, unwanted buildups, outside noises, and more.

Oftentimes, many of us don’t have the luxury of having a room with the necessary dimension or traits for optimal recording or practicing. Take for instance hard surfaces like walls, floors, and other solid objects. All these can significantly affect how sound waves behave.

Because sound waves are not absorbed by hard materials, they bounce off creating a noisy and echoey environment. Soundproof room dividers can make a significant difference in these scenarios. 

Another issue that can be tamed by soundproof room dividers is high ceilings. These cause issues because sound waves tend to disappear into all that extra space. Additionally, reverberation time is increased, as sound waves have to travel a longer distance. 

Both of these reasons combined mean that high ceilings are generally 

Understanding sound absorption

One of the best ways to stop unwanted frequencies from creeping into our track or practice session is through the use of absorption panels, which is exactly what soundproof room dividers are.

They work by preventing sound energy from hitting and reflecting off hard surfaces like empty walls and ceilings. This makes a massive improvement to the quality of your sound in your space.

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels help absorb sound waves and tend to be less effective at trapping lower frequencies than bass traps. However, they make a substantial difference in spaces where reverberation is a problem.

And although bass traps are a necessity in most spaces, acoustic panels and dividers look better and are far more convenient, as you can move them around in order to accommodate different contexts and uses in your music room.


Convenience is one of the biggest selling points of soundproof room dividers. Typically, these can be moved around easily, and in some cases, are also easy to store. However, if your main focus is convenience, you will likely be sacrificing quality, as the best absorbing sound panels tend to be a bit thicker and heavier. 


The price of soundproof room dividers can vary greatly, and like in most cases, their cost is tied to how good they are. Because these dividers are specifically designed to absorb sound waves, the material and build quality make a huge impact on their effectiveness. 

For instance, a simple divider that is thin and foldable, will not be as effective as a pricier and thicker panel. Our recommendation is to, if possible, employ reputable companies in order to get the best result. This is particularly true for the sake of versatility as well.

If you want a panel or divider to record electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, and even vocals, you’ll be better off spending the money on a panel made specifically for sound absorption. For instance, Auralex offers several quality options that are likely to last you long and provide excellent results.

Final Thoughts

Soundproof room dividers do not command the interest of other pieces of musical gear. Guitar players will much rather spend time talking about pedals, amps, and guitars, than sound absorption panels.

However, soundproof room dividers can have a significant effect on your recording and even in your practice sessions. By helping you control your acoustic environment, these tools can help you hear what you are playing more accurately, creating better overall results. 

To recap our choice, the Auralex MAX-Wall 420 Modular Acoustical Environment 4-pack is our top choice for this list. It lets you turn your spare room or project studio into a partially acoustically treated space, for anything from mixing to rehearsing. It offers good acoustic absorption and the option to easily move it to wherever you need it. 

The 4 Panel Room Dividers and Folding Privacy Screens is our Budget Choice. These room dividers can help control a portion of your sound and at the same time provide an elegant and lightweight solution for separation. It is very easy to fold, making it convenient to move or store. 

Finally, the Auralex MAX-Wall 831 Modular Acoustical Environment 8-pack is our Editor’s Choice. This is a great choice for the dedicated musician that is willing to pay for quality. You can transform your untreated room into an acoustic work environment and get great acoustic absorption for recording.


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