Biffy Clyro Frontman Explains Why Biffy Clyro Is the Best Live Band Today

Biffy Clyro frontman Simon Neil is absolutely certain about one thing – he knows what’s the best live band today. And, interestingly enough, it’s Biffy Clyro. Revealing this in a recent interview with Kerrang!, he called himself out as sounding “arrogant.” Nonetheless, he stands by his words.

Formed back in 1995, Biffy Clyro pushed the boundaries of rock music, experimenting within the subgenre we now call “alternative” rock. Retaining the same trio lineup for almost three decades, they now have nine full-length albums behind them with the last one, “The Myth of the Happily Ever After,” coming out in 2021.

Looking back on the band’s growth, Simon Neil said:

“I used to ignore it but now there’s a bit of me that thinks, ‘We are fucking brilliant’. I think that’s where maturing has come in. We’re still tongue in cheek and don’t like to have big egos, but at the same time, I don’t think anyone can step on a stage with us and play as well as us. That’s going to sound arrogant but I’ve always believed that. We didn’t tour the UK non-stop for five years, with no one giving a fuck, for our own benefit.”

“We are the dog’s bollocks. When we were at school everyone was in a band, just as everyone now has a podcast, and I’d listen to everyone going on about their music, making trip-hop and ska, and I’d think, ‘Yeah, but we fucking mean it. I care deeply about this and will still be doing this in 20 years.'”

Biffy Clyro - Glasgow Green - Live - Full Highlights 2021

The band’s Bassist James Johnston also shared an opinion on the matter, offering:

“Our default was always to think of ourselves as a wee band. But ever since we were a wee band we’ve wanted to become a big one. It’s actually cost me a lot of money in therapy to get to the point where I’m ready to say we are big.”

Photo: Achim Raschka (13-06-07 RaR Biffy Clyro Simon Neil 08)

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