Buckethead’s ‘Ten of the Most Important Guitars’ Reportedly Stolen, Says He’ll ‘Never Be Able to Replace Them’

For many years now, Brian Carroll, popularly known as Buckethead, has been living a very secluded life. Apart from one interview in 2017, where he discussed some of his personal issues, the guitarist was mostly under the radar all this time, focusing solely on touring and recording his countless independently released solo albums. As of this writing, he has well over 300 albums, reportedly 329.

In a new report shared on the official Buckethead Facebook fan page, the musician is once again in the spotlight, although for not-so-great reasons. As Ultimate Guitar reports, the post reveals that ten of his most important guitars have been stolen. The full statement reads:

“Ten of the most important guitars of life were stolen. It’s a tremendous loss. I’ll never really be able to replace them, but I’m looking for anybody who knows of any instruments that come close to these. Hopefully, somebody can help out. I’m trying to get 2 Studio Gibson Les Pauls.”

The source also shared contact information for any information regarding these guitars:

“Please contact [email protected]. Thank you.”

As of this writing, the website seems to be down, showing an “Error 500” issue instead of the content. However, more information has been shared though a YouTube video by the channel NatterNet. The report explains (transcribed by Killer Guitar Rigs):

“To provide some extra insight and hopefully help in the recovery of these guitars, one of the stolen guitars is the 2008 Gibson with black headstock. The stolen guitar was sold at a swap meet on Sunday, June 5th this year in Phoenix, Arizona where the guitars were apparently in storage by the person shown in this video…”

The person in question can be seen in the video below at around 00:53.

SHOCKING Buckethead News!!! 👿😢 Please Help!!

The source adds:

“This person is highly likely to have been part of the robbery and in possession of the remaining guitars, if they haven’t already been sold.”

“Thankfully, this guitar [mentioned above] was purchased by a Buckethead fan who recognized the guitar from our Gibson guitars video, and has since been purchased by another fan who has reached out to Buckethead to have the guitar safely returned.”

For any information, please contact [email protected].

Photo: Jhayne (Neumos seattle 2008), YouTube Screenshot

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