Dave Mustaine Recalls Marty Friedman Being Mistreated and Leaving Megadeth, Says What Happened ‘Was a Terrible Thing’

While it’s hard to point out a “classic” Megadeth lineup since the band has had so many musicians over the years, it’s usually the 1990s lineup that earns this label. Along with Dave Mustaine and David Ellefson, Megadeth also included Nick Menza on drums and Marty Friedman on guitar. It’s the famous “Rust in Peace” lineup.

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Speaking of which, all the guitar players who came after Marty looked up to his work. And even Dave cannot hide his praise of Marty when talking about him. Unfortunately, Marty decided to leave left the band in 2000. This was largely due to creative differences and Megadeth not being “aggressive enough” as he told Ultimate Guitar back in 2007.

In a recent interview with Guitar World, Dave Mustaine recalled Marty’s decision to leave the band and how it all came to be. About the final straw that pushed Marty out of the band, Dave said:

“I’ve always believed we should give the guitar player an opportunity to do a solo that he feels is right for the song. If someone plays something that doesn’t work for the part, then I may make some suggestions. If it’s still not happening, I might say, ‘Okay, this is what I want you to play here.’

“If a lead totally doesn’t work then I’m going to do the part myself. That’s what happened [on] ‘Breadline’. And Marty Friedman quit over the solo in ‘Breadline.‘”

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He also adds:

“I said [to management], ‘Well, you have three choices. Either you mute the solo completely, have Marty come back and redo it, or I do it.’ And then I said, ‘If I do it, you’d better tell him.’ Well, I redid it and nobody told Marty.

“So we’re in there listening to the finished album and the solo comes on. It’s my solo, not Marty’s… I looked at him as tears ran down his face and I knew right away that nobody had told him. I knew that was probably going to be the end of Marty Friedman.”

Dave was pressed on about whether Marty would decide to stay if he got the info on time about his solo being replaced. Dave offered:

“Having been a partner with Marty for so many years, as much of an enigma as he was, I could tell he was really upset and he had had enough.

“What happened to Marty was definitely not okay. Our management was supposed to tell him and, for whatever reason, they didn’t do it. I think that was a terrible thing to do to him.”

Photo: Ralph Arvesen (Megadeth performing in San Antonio, Texas (27457595376)), Hiroshi Yamazaki (Copyright holder: Marty Friedman) (Marty Friedman – 01)


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