Dave Sabo Weighs In on Potential Skid Row and Sebastian Bach Reunion, Reveals Whether They’re in Contact

Sebastian Bach (the metal singer, not the baroque composer) left Skid Row way back in 1996. And even though he’s not even technically the band’s original member, he’s still what many metal fans remember them for. And this is all despite the fact that Skid Row is currently with their fourth singer after Bach’s departure. So is there a possibility of a reunion?

Well, don’t hold your breath for that. In a recent edition of Pushing the Limits, the band’s guitarist and founding member Dave “The Snake” Sabo was asked about his current relationship with Bach and whether there’s any contact with the band’s former singer, to which he replied (transcript via Blabbermouth):

“Not at all. None. We’ve all moved on. It was an awful long time ago; we’re talking 23 years ago [that Skid Row reformed without Sebastian], so that’s an awful long time ago. [Laughs]”

The singer was fired from the band, although the exact reasons are somewhat speculative. What we do know, however, is that the relationship between Bach and Skid Row isn’t good.

In 2022, the band parted ways with vocalist ZP Theart, previously known for his work with DragonForce. With new singer Erik Grönwall, the band is planning to release a new album “The Gang’s All Here” and has premiered the record’s title track.

SKID ROW - The Gang's All Here (Official Video)

Further on, Sabo was asked whether he thinks there’s a possibility for him to get back in touch with Bach which would bring a potential reunion back on the table. He answered:

“You know what? I don’t know. I’ve gotta be honest — it’s not something that I think about. Truly, it’s not something that I think about. My mind is always in the present and the here and now. And I’m thankful for everything that we’ve created — all the collective people who’ve been a part of Skid Row — that we’ve all created since the very beginning up until now.”

“The only thing that I can have any sort of part of or control over is the right now, and it’s the band that it is now. And we have a new record coming out, ‘The Gang’s All Here’. And I think we’ve made some really, really great music. I hope people feel the same way.”

“We’re really proud of where we’re at right now. We’re really proud of the way we’re playing and the tours that we’re doing, and we’re just gonna keep moving forward. So that conversation doesn’t even enter my brain, to be honest.”

Photo: P. Schwichtenberg (Dave Sabo – Wacken Open Air 2014 01), dr_zoidberg (Sebastian Bach (48288889407))


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