Disruptor Killswitch gives you killswitch functionality without modifying your guitar

Killswitches are becoming a more popular mod for guitars, with musicians like Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead and John 5 of Marilyn Manson and White Zombie following in the footsteps of RATM’s Tom Morello who added a crazy percussive effect to his solos by quickly switching between a pickup on 10 and one on 0.

Now the Disruptor Killswitch allows you to add a killswitch to your guitar without any modifications to the guitar itself – you simply add the Disruptor in line with your guitar cable and you’re ready to go!

The product is currently taking funding via Kickstarter, and with a simple goal of $500 is sure to fund in the next few weeks.

The product comes in two models:

  • Minimalist: The minimalist model is a total audio killswitch, which sets the guitar output gain (volume) down to 0% when the killswitch is pressed and returns it to 100% when the killswitch button is released. 
  •  Variable: The variable model simulates a single pickup killswitch by allowing you to set the lower limit gain (volume) the killswitch triggers, so if you adjust the variable killswitch to 50% the guitar gain (volume) output will drop only to 50% when the killswitch is pressed. The variable thus allows for more dynamic and smoother transitions if you do not want to toggle purely between on and off output states. The Variable control can be adjust from 0% to 100% and anywhere in-between via the analog control knob.

Check out the demo video walking through the functionality.

Disruptor Killswitch - Kickstarter promo video

Check out the Distruptor Killswitch on Kickstarter.


  • Brian Kelleher

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