Donner’s Black Friday Sale Has Some Serious Deals

Donner is taking up to 60% off some of their most popular instruments for black Friday, with the guitar sale running from now until November 28th, along with some additional guitar deals extended out to December 4th.

While we’ve been big fans of some of Donner’s recent guitar offerings, such as the DST-400 electric guitar, their Vintaverb and Dumbal Drive pedals, and the Arena2000 multi-FX unit (full review on the way), they also have a wide range of other killer audio gear on sale this week.

Check out their Amazon storefront for deals on electronic drum sets, MIDI keyboards, digital pianos and even mics and home audio.

Music & Love, Donner 2022 Black Friday & Cyber Monday is coming!

Donner have been selling some of the higher quality gear at the budget end of the market for some time now, but in the last year have taken a step up to take on the more intermediate range, starting with the DST-400 and into the Arena2000 floor effects pedal and other upscale offerings.

Additionally, they recently launched – a showcase of their newer more modern instruments, including the amazing looking (and sounding) Rising G-Pro carbon guitars – as well as their new Donner Play app, a competitor to the popular Fender Play app.

They also recieved a lot of coverage last year for their booth at NAMM 2022, with outlets such as Guitar World prominently covering the DST400, the headless Hush-I Silent Guitar, and more.

NAMM 2022: Donner gets into the carbon fiber guitar game with the Rising-G Pro


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