Donner launches feature packed but affordable ARENA2000 guitar multi-fx unit

Affordable guitar manufacturer Donner have announced the launch of their new Arena2000 multi-fx processer, which features 80 “hi-res” amp model, 278 effects and 50 cabs (along with an IR loader with space for 50 more cabs) for only $269.

The unit also features a looper with a maximum 60 seconds of recording, 40 different drum beats, and an expression pedal, with an input for a second pedal should you want to (for example) run volume and wah from the one unit.

Image Credit: Donner

At the core of the unit, Donner centers its “exclusive” FVACM (Forward Analog Virtual Circuit Modeling) tone processing-technology with an IR sample length of 23.2ms, which they tout as giving a “greater dynamic range and a stronger sense of spatial authenticity” than other units at its price point.

The unit is aimed at both beginner players and gigging musicians, promising a range of “legendary guitar tones” that cover the gamut from urban pop to thrash metal. The Arena2000 also features headphone out for bedroom players, as well as a USB that allows them to collect the pedal to a cellphone as needed.

Donner Arena 2000 (Rear)
Image Credit: Donner

As far as connectivity, the Arena2000 features a guitar-in, aux-in, MIDI-in, XLR L/R, an unbalanced ¼-inch L/R, phone-out, and USB interface capabilities, making it ideal for just about any situation.

We’ve recently reviewed Donner’s new DST-400 guitar which saw them taking a shot at the more intermediate market, and have long been fans of their various effects pedals (which often punch above their weight) such as the Dumbal Drive, the Mod Square and the Circle Looper so we expect the unit to continue in that tradition – expect to have a review of the unit to you soon.

donner announce arena2000
Image Credit: Donner

The Donner Arena2000 is available now globally and retails at $269 on Donner’s Amazon Storefront and


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