Eagles Bassist Reveals Whether Band Will Release New Music, Explains Most Challenging Aspect of Songwriting

Even after several decades of work, the Eagles are still at the top of their game. Of course, Glenn Frey’s passing felt like a huge blow, not only to the band but to all rock fans around the globe as well. Nonetheless, the band still continues to tour and it seems that they’re here to stay.

But what about new music? After all, it would be interesting to hear a follow-up to their 2007 album “Long Road Out of Eden.” Well, that’s exactly what Eagles bassist Timothy B. Schmit discussed in a recent chat with VWMusic.

The whole talk started when he was asked about the “most challenging part of songwriting,” to which he replied:

“Well, this fellow songwriter friend of mine used to say, ‘There are two parts of songwriting: when you come up with the first initial idea, and the second one, which is usually the better one, and when you finish it.’ As a songwriter, those are really the highlights. The rest in between is usually a lot of concentration, hard work, and trying to figure out the puzzle.”

Timothy B. Schmit - Simple Man

And, of course, the obvious question was brought up, whether there’ll be any new music by the Eagles, to which he replied:

“Well, you never know with his band, but my inclination today is probably not. You know, the people who come to our concerts, they know our history, they know the old songs, and honestly, that’s what they want to hear. We had put out an album in 2007 and put a bunch of the new songs in the set, and we don’t do any of them anymore, and there’s a reason for that – fans are not as interested in that newer stuff. They are into what they’ve heard for years, or what their parents were listening to. That said, what’s very cool is there are a lot of younger people coming to shows now too.”

Asked whether it’s “frustrating at all to feel as if it’s not worthwhile to create new music,” he replied:

“I can’t get answered for Joe or Don, but you know, people are still really coming out to see us. Almost every show is sold out, which is pretty mind-blowing that it’s still going that way. So, while new music is always great, I have my outlet with my solo work, and I think we’re all good with what’s going on.”

Reflecting on their (at the moment) latest album and song “Do Something” and how it came to be, he replied:

“You know, I don’t get asked about that one too much! As I recall, we were in the studio still recording part of that last album, but we still needed other songs. So, one day I picked up a guitar in one of the rooms and started playing and sort of humming a melody. While I was doing that, Don came by and said, ‘What’s that?’ I said it’s, ‘Oh, I don’t know? It’s just something I’m goofing around with.’ And he says, ‘I like it. Remember that one for later.’ So, that was the seed, and then the rest was collaboration both together, or on our own, meaning we were either together throwing out ideas, or we’d come in after having an idea by ourselves, and put it together then. That’s how that one happened.”

Photo: Steve Alexander (Eagles)

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