35 Easy Guitar Love Songs

Being the versatile instrument that it is, the guitar is primed to be the perfect conduit for expressing your love. Maybe you’re using an acoustic guitar and want to sing for your loved one. Or maybe you have an electric guitar and want to play a power love ballad. No matter the reason, or occasion, it’s well worth getting some love songs into your song library.

Which is why today, we’ve put together a list of the 35 absolute best love songs that any beginner can play, so even if you’re lost for words sometimes, the guitar can do all the talking for you. We’ve made sure to include both tablature and video lessons for each song too.

All of Me by John Legend

All Of Me Guitar Tutorial (John Legend) Easy Chords Guitar Lesson

Click Here for tab for All of Me by John Legend

Starting with a true love song, straight from the heart of John Legend to his wife Chrissy Teigen, who are now both happily married. The song is quite stripped down with just a vocal and piano section, but the wonderful thing about the guitar is that we can follow those chords and turn it into a guitar-based love ballad very very easily.

Here we’ll be playing 2 chord progressions which each repeat twice to complete the song. The progressions are G, Em, Am, and D x2 followed by Em, C, G, and G twice. Because the original track is piano driven there is no set in stone strumming pattern, so you can use the one indicated in the provided lesson, or alternatively feel free to switch it out for your own!

Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley

Can't Help Falling In Love With You Guitar Tutorial (Elvis Presley) Easy Chords Guitar Lesson

Click Here for tab for Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley

Next we have an absolute classic from the 60’s with one of the most memorable vocal lines ever. The song is fundamentally based on another love song called ‘Plaisir d’amour’, which Elvis was able to take and masterfully work into his own signature pop style. Its slow pace and heartfelt vocal delivery are surely going to impress whoever you perform this to.

The song opens with an arpeggiated section, this requires a bit more technique than simply strumming chords. If you feel it’s too difficult to do this and sing at the same time then you can simply swap it out for strummed chords which are detailed in the provided video tab.

Heaven by Bryan Adams


Click Here for tab for Heaven by Bryan Adams

Taking ourselves from the classic acoustic-love song and over to the heavier side of things with Bryan Adams’ impeccable power/rock ballad Heaven. This went on to be one of his most popular songs of all time and a favorite amongst fans. He’ll often use this track to open for his live performances too. The song did great commercially, hitting the number 1 spot on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Don’t be put off by the rock nature of the song, you don’t need a drummer to make it sound good. If you are just a solo guitar performer it’s very easy to either play this as a fingerpicked piece in which you will outline both the bass and melody. Or alternatively, if that is too much (or you can’t be bothered) you can simply strum the chords which will also make it easier to sing over.

I’m Yours by Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz - I'm Yours - Acoustic Guitar Lesson - Tutorial - Chords Rhythm

Click Here for tab for I’m Yours by Jason Mraz

I’m Yours is a great example of how love songs can be presented in a variety of genres, with its reggae/folk vibe giving it just the right amount of feel-good and upbeat rhythm to make it a happy love song in the purest sense. When combined with Jason’s playful vocal performance and personality we’re left with a great song that is appropriate for any occasion.

The main thing to note about this song is that it’s played in triplet timing. Which if you haven’t been exposed to before can throw you off a little bit rhythmically. The easiest way to think about it is that instead of counting music in 4’s as normal, we’re instead counting in 3’s. Once you start counting in 3s and tap your foot along to the beat of the song the rhythm will soon fall into place.

You’re Beautiful by James Blunt

You're Beautiful Guitar Tutorial - James Blunt Guitar Lesson 🎸 |Easy Chords + Riff + Guitar Cover|

Click Here for tab for You’re Beautiful by James Blunt

With a voice that’s guaranteed to melt anyone’s heart, Jame’s unique tonality and style has set him apart and allowed him to carve out his own lane in the soft rock/pop space. With this being released as the second single from his debut album ‘Back to Bedlam’ it went over exceptionally well allowing him to achieve a great deal of commercial success right from the get-go, selling over 625,000 copies in the UK alone.

The chord voicings here are a little interesting and more colorful than what you might be used to if so far your only exposure has been to open chords. Here we’ll be playing G, D/F sharp (which you say as D over F sharp), Em7 and Cadd9. We’ll be using the strumming pattern D-D-UDUD-UDU.

Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton "Wonderful Tonight" Guitar Lesson (Easy Acoustic)

Click Here for tab for Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton

The perfect song to play both before a night out with your loved one, or during it. Eric wrote this song while waiting for his at the time girlfriend Pattie Boyd to get ready as they were going to attend Paul and Linda McCartney’s party. In it, he lovingly recounts how much he loves her and how great of a night they will have, very touching!

This is an exceptionally easy song to play and just requires a few, laid back and easy going open chords throughout the entire song which are G,  a regular D but if you can use your thumb to reach over the neck and press the second fret that’s great, C and finally a regular D without the thumb. The strumming pattern is D-UDUDUD, where the final D is actually the 1 count of the following bar.

Love Me Do by The Beatles

Love Me Do Easy Guitar Lesson | The Beatles

Click Here for tab for Love Me Do by The Beatles

Little did we know that ‘Love Me Do’, The Beatles’ debut single from their debut album was the beginnings of what would go on to be the biggest selling band of all time. The song was actually written several years before the band had formed, with songwriter Paul McCartney writing the initial version while skipping school at the age of 16.

The original song uses a capo on the 10th fret which makes all the frets that high up a little bit cramped and difficult to hold chords in. So to make it easier on ourselves we’ll just play the chords in their regular open positions. The progression primarily jumps between A and D, with the E thrown in occasionally.

Hey There Delilah by Plain White T’s

Hey There Delilah by Plain White T's | Easy Fingerstyle Guitar

Click Here for tab for Hey There Delilah by Plain White T’s

Released as the third single from their third studio album ‘All That We Need’, and has since gone on to become one of the band’s biggest singles ever, reaching the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100. To date, the song has been covered by numerous artists and has even sold over 4 million copies digitally.

This song uses compositionally what we might describe as an ostinato. That is to say, there is a higher-up melody (in this case the second and third fret of the fourth and fifth strings respectively) which is played consistently, while the bassline continues to move around it. It might sound fancy but don’t worry, it’s really very easy!

I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith

I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (Aerosmith) | Beginner Guitar Lesson | How To Play

Click Here for tab for I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith

Next, we have a classic ballad from American rock titans Aerosmith, with a memorable chorus that both pulls at the heartstrings and makes you want to sing along. The nice thing about power rock ballads is that they always translate to solo acoustic/singer performances exceptionally well. So whether you are an acoustic player or you have an amplifier to hand, this song is a great choice regardless.

Obviously, as an electric guitar centric song, although easy enough to play it, is a little bit more involved than just strumming some chords, in that scenario feel free to follow the provided tablature. But if you are looking to play it ‘chordally’ on the acoustic you can use the chords  G, D/F sharp, Em7, Cadd9, and Am7.

I Will Always Love You by Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton I Will Always Love You Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Click Here for tab for I Will Always Love You by Dolly Parton

When you read the title your brain probably immediately went to the Whitney Houston version, which is, of course, incredible, but we’re going to the root right now with Dolly Partons’ 1970s country hit. This song was purposely written as a farewell to her business partner Porter Wagoner as she wished to pursue her own solo career yet still wanted to thank him for everything he had done for her.

For this song, we’ll be primarily outlining some arpeggiated chords which are playing underneath the lead ‘clean’ electric guitar part. But if either fingerpicking or arpeggiations are a little tough for you right now, the provided video lesson details a way of playing the song mainly using just strummed chords.

I’ll Be by Edwin McCain

How to Play "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain on Guitar

Click Here for tab for I’ll Be by Edwin McCain

This song is a pure love song through and through. With Edwin’s extremely rich sounding voice, the passion and delivery behind the vocals of the song are impeccable. With a thick sounding acoustic guitar section behind it and light drums, you’re left with a piece of music that delivers its message to you with unapologetic confidence.

Fortunately for us as guitarists, the song is not intended to be a complicated piece and as such uses nice and simple chords which we can either arpeggiate like the original song or the video lesson outlines a version with just strummed chords. We’ll be using the chords B, Asus, E, and F sharp.

More Than Words by Extreme

More Than Words Guitar Tutorial - Extreme Guitar Lesson 🎸 |TABS + Fingerpicking + Guitar Cover|

Click Here for tab for More Than Words by Extreme

The beautiful thing about this song is that it’s so stripped down, with just a single acoustic guitar that’s not even recorded in stereo, and the vocal section. This classic love song is primed for a beginner to learn. Now this song is actually a small deviation from their more traditional metal/funk style, but it is a welcome one and really proves their competence as musicians that they can pull it off.

The main thing you’ll notice is that there are a lot of ‘percussive mutes’ used throughout the song, which is essentially where you smack the strings down using the thumb of your right hand to make a little ‘click’ sound. This is designed to emulate a snare drum and give a little more rhythmic intrigue to the piece.

It Must Have Been Love by Roxette

"It Must Have Been Love" Guitar Tutorial - Roxette | NO CAPO

Click Here for tab for It Must Have Been Love by Roxette

Next up is a power ballad from the pop/soft rock group Roxette. It was released as a Christmas single/love song without an associated album. Despite that, it ended up being one of their best selling songs going platinum in multiple countries. Although the song has been released in a few different versions, for our purposes we’re just playing a stripped back solo acoustic piece.

Here we’ll be using the chords F, C, Dm, and G. The main challenge of the song (I say challenge, it’s still easy) is the fact there are multiple different choruses that require learning a unique pattern/progression for each one.

Something by The Beatles

The Beatles Something Guitar Lesson, Tutorial

Click Here for tab for Something by The Beatles

Here we have what is generally considered a love song that George Harrison wrote for Pattie Boyd (the same one we mentioned earlier). Although it does contain an interesting mix of melancholy and even a little sadness behind it while still maintaining that energy and upbeat feel. A unique song to say the least.

There are quite a lot of interesting (but not difficult) concepts going on instrumentally with the song. The main one that might be unique to you as a beginner is the use of chromatics, that is to say, notes from outside of the intended scale/key are used to musical effect. Where the opening riff descends chromatically until it resolves back into the key.

Someone Like You by Adele

Someone Like You Guitar Tutorial Adele Guitar Lesson |Easy Chords + Intro Picking|

Click Here for tab for Someone Like You by Adele

This song doesn’t discuss the idea of being in love so much as coming out of it, inspired by the ending of a relationship and coming to terms with things. Obviously, Adele is a modern legend with the absolute highest level of songwriting, production, and performance, and as such, this song has seen commercial success that matches its quality. Selling over 17 million copies and has been certified 6x platinum, a truly incredible feat.

Vocal delivery aside, from a guitar point of view we only have to worry about outlining the chords correctly which in this case are extremely easy. We’ll be using the chords G, D/F sharp, Em, and C. You can also learn the introductory fingerpicked part which is a fun way to get more exposure to the technique as it’s exceptionally easy.

Stand by Me by Ben E. King

"Stand by Me" Guitar Lesson - Ben E. King - Easy Beginner Acoustic Songs for Guitar

Click Here for tab for Stand by Me by Ben E. King

Heading to the 60’s next with an iconic track from Ben E. King which talks about how as long as his love is with him, he fears nothing and can achieve anything. It’s from his album ‘Don’t Play That Song!’ and was also featured on the soundtrack of the movie also named ‘Stand by Me. Because of its prevalent use in various media including advertisements and movies, it’s been able to accumulate over $23 million in royalties alone.

Although this song does primarily use open chords, there’s some nice movement (we can also refer to them as passing tones) that leads us from one chord to another, in this case, they are just single notes and very easy to play. You’ll also need a capo on the second fret to make the chords a little easier to hold.

Stay With Me by Sam Smith

Stay With Me Guitar Tutorial - Sam Smith Guitar Lesson 🎸 |No Capo + Easy chords + Guitar Cover|

Click Here for tab for Stay With Me by Sam Smith

Sam Smith always delivers when it comes to heartfelt and moving performances, and although this is taken from his very first album titled ‘In The Lonely Hour’ it immediately shot him to commercial success. With the official music video for this song sitting at over 1 billion views on YouTube. To date, this is still his most successful single.

Fortunately for a beginning guitarist, this song is about as easy as they come, needing just 3 chords to play which are Am, F, and C. The thing that is a little bit more involved is the strumming pattern which requires learning a unique one for each chord, but if you follow the provided video lesson you’ll have it memorized in no time.

You Are My Sunshine by Johnny Cash

Beginner Guitar Songs - "You Are My Sunshine" - Chord Melody & Strumming Lesson

Click Here for tab for You Are My Sunshine by Johnny Cash

This song has been covered by over 350 artists to date and is probably one you are already intimately familiar with. It’s a simple song with a simple message expressing to the recipient how much she/he means to them. It’s a great one for a beginner to learn and if there’s someone you’re looking to play it too, it’s sure to be well received.

This song is ideal for beginners to learn as due to its various incarnations there are no hard and fast rules about how you need to perform it exactly. It uses just three chords which are A, D, and E, feel free to strum it however you feel like!

We Belong Together by Mariah Carey

We Belong Together - Mariah Carey Guitar Lesson | EASY!

Click Here for tab for We Belong Together by Mariah Carey

As challenging as it might be to match Mariah Carey’s ludicrously challenging vocal riffs and runs, this is definitely a song that you can translate to the guitar exceptionally well because of its catchy chord progression and rhythmic beats. This is taken from her 10th album ‘The Emancipation of Mimi’ and this song was called by some as her ‘musical comeback’ after a mediocre period of sales between 2001-2004.

With the percussion elements being such a driving force in the song, this is a great chance for you to expand beyond just percussive mutes and start introducing the bass drum. Combining this all together with the finger picked chords is going to offer a solid challenge for a beginner, but also expand your capabilities. With a little practice, you’ll have this mastered.

Your Body is a Wonderland by John Mayer

John Mayer Your Body Is A Wonderland Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Click Here for tab for Your Body is a Wonderland by John Mayer

John Mayer is well known and respected for being a high level guitarist, with a tremendous amount of technical ability on the instrument. But he also combines that with good songwriting sensibilities and his empowering and moving voice to create world-class music that is worth anyone’s time becoming familiar with.

Fortunately for us, this is not one of those technical songs and serves as proof that he can dial it back when needed and write a simple song with a powerful message. This is also another song where you’ll be performing some ‘percussive mutes’ to act as the snare drum and provide that additional rhythm to the song.

A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

A Thousand Years - Christina Perri | Guitar Lesson (Tutorial) Chords

Click Here for tab for A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

This song rose to prominence primarily because of its feature in the exceptionally popular movie franchise ‘Twilight’. But irrespective of that the song really can stand on its own two feet with its pristine production and powerful delivery. It has been certified at 10x platinum in the United States selling over 3.5 million copies, and the official music video is currently at over 2 billion views on YouTube!

Despite the song being piano/vocally driven there is a distinct acoustic guitar part behind it that is holding down the chordal flow of the song. We just need to follow by using a capo on the 3rd fret of the guitar and using the chords G, D/F sharp, Em7, Cadd9, and finally Dsus4.

Adore You by Harry Styles

Adore You Guitar Tutorial 🎸 Harry Styles Guitar Lesson |Easy Chords + Solo TAB|

Click Here for tab for Adore You by Harry Styles

After many of the classics, it’s time to head to the modern day with this song from Harry Styles, mostly known for his participation in the band One Direction, which is a single released from his second studio album ‘Fine Line’. It can be considered a fairly by the numbers love song, sappy lyrics, some emotive guitar work, and modern production. An easy to play song you really can’t go wrong with.

As it contains both acoustic and electric guitar parts you can pick and choose the parts you want to play. The main chord progression that you can play on acoustic uses a capo on the third fret where you’ll need to play the chords Am7, C, F, and G.

Don’t Let Me Down by The Beatles

Beatles - Don't Let Me Down - How to Play on Guitar - Lesson Tutorial

Click Here for tab for Don’t Let Me Down by The Beatles

When it comes to love songs, it’s very common to have the majority of the emotion and feeling be conveyed via the vocal performance, with the guitar being relegated to the supporting role with some kind of simple chord progression. This is not one of those songs, Don’t Let Me Down has some incredibly moving passages and is a real treat for anyone looking to push their guitar technique a little further.

With the guitar being the driving force here it’s definitely a little bit more challenging than some of the others on this list. But it’s really something anyone can practice into, don’t be afraid to give it a try, be patient with it, and you’ll be very handsomely rewarded.

Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison

Brown Eyed Girl Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Click Here for tab for Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison

Rather than a song you might sing directly to someone you love, this is more of a nostalgic walk through time, recollecting interactions with a former lover. It was released as a single from his ‘Blowin’ Your Mind!’ album and went on to do very well commercially. It’s been certified as platinum, selling over 1 million copies in the US, and has been performed by a huge number of notable artists including the fantastic Adele.

This is one more for the electric guitarists out there, using the nicest sounding chimey clean tone you have, there is a lot of single note harmonized lines to keep your fingers busy on the fretboard here. While nothing is particularly challenging if you were looking for a song that can ease you into lead playing this is definitely a good one to learn.

Always On My Mind by Elvis Presley

Always On My Mind Easy Guitar Lesson | Elvis Presley

Click Here for tab for Always On My Mind by Elvis Presley

So this song wasn’t originally written by Elvis, it was first recorded and released in 1972 as a traditional ballad. However, it was really the Elvis Presley rendition released in the same year as a single that brought mass attention to the song, his version was written and recorded just a few weeks after the separation from his wife, Priscilla.

You don’t have to get fancy with the strumming pattern here, just play whatever you feel is appropriate for the feel and pace of the song. The chords you’ll be playing are G, D/F sharp (remember you play that F sharp with your thumb on the low E string), Em7, C, and Am. 

Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

Hallelujah Guitar Tutorial - Leonard Cohen Guitar Lesson: Fingerpicking + Easy Chords + Guitar Cover

Click Here for tab for Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

Although the Jeff Buckley version is a massively popular rendition of this song, we’ve decided to go with the original written and released by Leonard Cohen in 1984 as part of his album ‘Various Positions’. Since its feature in the movie Shrek the song has had a resurgence in popularity prompting over 300 artists to make their own renditions of the song. A true testament to its impactful nature.

The first thing to note about this song is that it opens with some arpeggiated chords, that is to say, played one note at a time. But it’s at such a slow pace it should pose no technical challenge regardless of your skill level. Then after that, we’ll be playing some larger 4 string chords.

Fallin by Alicia Keys

Fallin by Alicia Keys | Easy Guitar Lesson

Click Here for tab for Fallin by Alicia Keys

When we think of love songs we don’t often think of R&B, but this single from Alicia Keys demonstrates perfectly just how well it works. This was her first single from her first ever album and right from the gate Alicia hit massive global success and shot straight to the number 1 position on the US Billboard Hot 100. The song even won THREE (yes, three) Grammy Awards in 2002.

As a primarily piano and vocal driven song, we need to take those chords and translate them to the guitar. In order to do this and maintain the original key of the song we also need to use a capo on the second fret so we can just use the ‘open’ chord positions. But if you don’t have a capo available the video lesson also details a ‘capo-less’ version.

Perfect by Ed Sheeran

Perfect Guitar Tutorial - Ed Sheeran Guitar Lesson 🎸 |Solo + Fingerpicking + Chords + Guitar Cover|

Click Here for tab for Perfect by Ed Sheeran

A fairly self-explanatory song from the perspective of a man who finds his lover to be perfect. Ed Sheeran has a very special way of always writing engaging and interesting melodies, always treading that line between accessibility while remaining musically interesting. It’s because of this that he is now considered one of the best musicians in the world.

This is a song where you’ll be putting your finger picking skills to the test, but in a relatively accessible way where your fingers will be mostly plucking chords on the higher strings while your thumb plays most of the bass notes. You’ll also need a capo on the first fret of the guitar to make the chords as easy as possible to hold.

Wonderwall by Oasis

Oasis Wonderwall Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Click Here for tab for Wonderwall by Oasis

Written by Noel Gallagher for his girlfriend at that time Meg Mathews (who he later married). The best thing about this song is that absolutely everyone knows it, and it’s guaranteed to go down well. When Noel divorced his wife he changed the meaning of the song to be ‘about a nameless person who will come to save you from yourself’.

Oasis have a particular kind of style where they will fundamentally use a quite accessible and easy chord progression, but they like to play a lot with the voicings and put certain things in that makes the chords a little more interesting. In this particular case, we’ll be using the chords Em7, G, Dsus4, and A7sus4.

Love Story by Taylor Swift

How To Play Love Story by Taylor Swift On Guitar

Click Here for tab for Love Story by Taylor Swift

While many of Taylor Swift’s songs revolve around some kind of a theme of love or relationships, this one is particularly apt in this scenario as it’s just so catchy and unapologetic in its delivery. Some critics call it cheesy, but just embracing that will allow you to enjoy the song on a whole other level.

For this song, we’ll be using a capo on the second fret of the guitar as it will make the chords quite a bit easier to hold, and as we’ll be using 5 chords here it’s important to give our hands as much of a break as possible. We’ll be using the chords C, G, Am, F, and Fmaj7.

Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

Chasing Cars Guitar Tutorial - Snow Patrol Guitar Lesson |Tabs + Easy Chords + Guitar Cover|

Click Here for tab for Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

Described by main songwriter Gary Lightbody as ‘the purest love song that I’ve ever written’. He is well known for putting some kind of twist or as he calls it ‘dark edge’ to his songs. But there’s no catch with this song, it’s about love through and through. Taken from their fourth studio album ‘Eyes Open’ released in 2005 to good commercial success, charting at the number 5 position on the US charts.

The majority of the song is building towards a large crescendo, but while there is this overall swelling of the instruments as they increase in intensity, the acoustic guitar is holding its consistent chord progression throughout and this is what we will primarily mimic on the guitar.

I Love You by Billie Eilish

I Love You Guitar Tutorial - Billie Eilish Guitar Lesson 🎸|Chords + Fingerpicking + TAB |

Click Here for tab for I Love You by Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish burst onto the scene making a huge impact with her off the wall style, unique sound design, and approach to songwriting. But on that same debut album ‘When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’ sits this love song. Praised by critics for its lyrical content discussing the resistance one might have to falling in love with someone.

Although this does use a fairly simple chord progression, it’s an entirely finger picked piece.  If this is something new to you I suggest you try your hand at it, as far as finger picked pieces go this is certainly one of the easiest ones. Don’t be afraid to turn the BPM of the song down a little bit so you can wrap your head around everything.

Halo by Beyoncé

Beyonce - Halo EASY Guitar Tutorial

Click Here for tab for Halo by Beyoncé

Beyonce is a true superstar with no shortage of iconic songs under her belt. She’s said that this song is an all-encompassing profession of her love for her lover. Needless to say, the song was a massive commercial success, with the official music video sitting at over a billion views on YouTube and winning all kinds of awards including Best Song at the 2009 MTV Music Awards.

This is primarily a pop and R&B song so the larger focus is put on the string section and drums. But this is where the versatility of the guitar comes in as we can emulate the rhythm with our strumming and the notes with the chords we play. We’ll be using the chords G, Am, Em, and C for this song.

Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars

Just The Way You Are Guitar Tutorial - Bruno Mars Guitar Lesson 🎸|Easy Fingerpicking + Chords|

Click Here for tab for Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars

Another unapologetically sappy love song is about a man who finds his girlfriend absolutely perfect just the way she is. For being Bruno’s very first single from his debut album ‘Doo-Wops & Hooligans’ he started off very strong. Although the song got some criticism from music critics, fans have unanimously decided it’s great as we can see from the fact it sold 12.5 million copies.

To get the guitar in key and make the chords as easy to play as possible we’ll be using a capo on the 3rd fret. And although this is a finger picked piece it tends to stay in a fairly tight area without many huge jumps all over the fretboard, so it is something completely accessible to beginners.

Marry Me by Train 

How To Play Marry Me On Guitar | Train Guitar Lesson + Tutorial + TABS

Click Here for tab for Marry Me by Train 

The nicest thing about this song is its sparing use of instruments, it’s simply acoustic guitar, vocals and towards the end, there’s just a light dusting of strings. It’s almost like it’s asking to be covered by us. This is taken from their fifth studio album titled ‘Save Me, San Francisco’. They noted that the song started off very short, but they were later inspired to expand upon it and turn it into a full song.

This is a song that’s going to sound incredibly difficult at first, but fret not! It’s much easier than it sounds. There is essentially a single picking pattern that you will repeat over and over. So once you have that right hand rhythm down you’re essentially there already, then all that’s left is to memorize the left hand notes.

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