Fans Aren’t Happy About Jon Bon Jovi’s Recent Live Vocal Performances, Here’s What He Sounds Like

Recently, fan-filmed footage of Bon Jovi’s live performance at Raleigh, North Carolina on April 9. As Metal Sucks and various other outlets reported, Jon Bon Jovi’s vocal performance seems to be the center of attention of most people who watched the footage from the said show.

Over the past few years or so, rumors of Jon Bon Jovi losing his voice were more present in media and social media posts. After the said video, the criticism and rumors have only increased, with plenty of fans showing support and hoping that he’s just recovering from an illness. Here are some of the comments from the said video:

“Something must be wrong with Jon beyond his vocal cords. He might be going deaf, too. Even his timing is off this tour. And, must suffer from psychological issues for continuing to tour under these circumstances. I’ve never heard a touring singer sound worse. Vince Neil sounds like Whitney Houston compared to this. Is Jon dying? There needs to be an intervention and pull him off the road. This is a tragic and humiliating disgrace. He’s pitiful for charging money for this.”

“I’m a long diehard Jovi fan from the ’80s. Seen them too many times to count. Seeing the videos from this tour is heartbreaking. Everything is off…time to hang it up and do something else or just live the retired life Jon…”

“Jon is singing like someone who lost his hearing and can’t find the pitch.”

“He actually sounds unwell. I hope he is ok. I still appreciate you sir!”

“It’s like when the mind says ‘it can do it,’ but the body cannot respond accordingly. I hope Jon good health!”

“I don’t think it’s his voice that’s worn out. I think he’s sick or recovering from an illness. I pray he’s okay and gets better. 🙏🙏 💕❤️‍🩹”

You can check out the said video below:

Bon Jovi - WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE - Raleigh , NC - 4/09/2022

This isn’t the only concert that fans have complained about. As Chaoszine reported recently, Jon Bon Jovi’s performances have been attracting criticisms even before the April 9 show. A fan-filmed video of his April 3 show over at St. Paul Minnesota drew some negative attention from the fans as well. You can check it out below:

Bon Jovi “You Give Love a Bad Name” 4.3.2022

Photo: YouTube screenshot


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