Here’s the Full Potential of Neural DSP Quad Cortex Floorboard Modeler Presented in a Full Song

For some time now, Neural DSP have slowly, but surely, been conquering the guitar amp modeler market. At this point, they’re up there with all of the other high-end devices, giving players unlimited potential with their Quad Cortex.

But in case you’ve been wondering what Quad Cortex does in action, Neural DSP have teamed up with guitarist Michael Baugh to showcase the Floorboard. Titled “Break the Stars,” the piece is described as “Arabesque-meets-metal.” For this purpose, Baugh played both his electric and acoustic guitars, as well as some fretless guitars, through the Quad Cortex Floorboard. You can check out the song below.

Can the QC handle classical instruments?! Michael Baugh - Break The Stars

For this occasion, Dan Davies, who is the Chief Marketing Officer at Neural DSP, further explains that Quad Cortex isn’t just for guitar players. He said:

“If an instrument has an output, and a musician wants to test the limits of their sonic imagination, they will want to get to know the versatility of the Neural DSP Quad Cortex”

Baugh himself also shared a comment, explaining:

“Normally, I’m a bit skeptical of digital modeling when it comes to guitars. But the Quad Cortex isn’t simply emulating the sounds I want — it is the sounds I want.”

He also adds:

“These sorts of processors tend to be geared towards the metal guitarists, who are often looking for an aggressive and less organic sound out of their amplifiers, whereas as a session guitarist and film composer, I need something that I can use for everything.”

“I don’t want to have to have ten different things for ten different sounds, so the Quad Cortex has a very practical aspect for me professionally. As a session player, the Quad Cortex has probably saved me 20 hours in a month on just the acoustic guitars alone.”

But that’s not all. Baugh also gives Quad Cortex the ultimate compliment:

“After I got the Quad Cortex, I sold all of my guitar amps. All of them. All I need is the Quad Cortex, for everything.”

In case you’re interested in Quad Codex, you can get more info at this location.

The Quad Cortex, whose six cores (4x SHARC+ and 2x ARM Cortex-A5 running at 500MHz each) allow it to run four amplifier models, stereo reverbs, and a plethora of other effects — simultaneously — has become the ne plus ultra modeling processor for guitarists of all genres.

Photo: Neural DSP

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