Can you trade in at Guitar Center? [2022]

Yes you can trade in at Guitar Center. Guitar Center offers up to 60% of the market value for used gear, which is reasonably good. You just need to walk in with your instrument or gear and have it evaluated by a member of the staff. They offer cash up to $1000 and a check for higher amounts.

Your gear has to be fully functional, as it won’t make it past the inspection if it isn’t in 100% working condition. This doesn’t include cosmetic damage like scruffs, dings, dents and/or cracks that don’t impact the playability of the instrument, although they will impact the evaluation to some extent. Items such as gig bags may increase the price also.

You can check out the list on their website to see if your gear qualifies for a trade-in. Overall, it is a simple process that includes:

  1. Take the gear to your nearest Guitar Center Store
  2. Get it inspected and evaluated
  3. They will make you an offer for a sale or trade-in
  4. Walk out with cash up to $1000 or a check for a larger amount!

You don’t even need an appointment, all you need to do is walk in with your gear during open hours and meet with a sales associate who will guide you through the process.

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Does Guitar Center buy used gear?

Yes, Guitar Center buys used gear including guitars, and amps, and pedals, and just about anything you could want to sell to them that’s guitar related. They also buy a small amount of keyboards, recording equiptment and drums. You may however find that consumables such as strings, picks and guitar sticks are a no-go.

Is Guitar Center trade-in value fair?

For music stores, Guitar Center offers reasonably fair prices for used gear. They are a reseller and need profit for their efforts but if you opt for an in-store trade in, they add an extra 10% on items that are not a part of any sale of clearance.

It’s not always about the money though; it’s a combination of value and the hassles involved in reselling. If you sell in the used market, you need to deal with shenanigans ranging from joke-offers to trolling to failed payments and freight charges.

Is selling to Guitar Center worth it?

The best part about a trade in or selling to Guitar Center is the ease of walking in with your gear and walking out with a check. The downside is the check – relatively lesser than what you could make if you can endure the stresses of the used market.

In general, the resale value of musical gear or instruments is 50 – 60% of the current market price. If your gear is in mint condition and highly in demand, you can push it to 70%. Nevertheless, this process requires uploading pictures, gear specs and negotiation on the price in an online platform or classified listing. It also takes more time to seal the deal than it would to walk-in to GC for a quick trade-in.

We are aware that certain instruments and boutique gear can fetch a larger price. This applies to limited edition runs or discontinued gear that has a lot of demand in the used market. However, such items are more of an exception than the norm – so we will not consider these factors as we proceed.

How much does Guitar Center pay for used gear?

The first step is approval – the store manager or sales-associate will evaluate your gear and check the quality. Once approved, Guitar Center will offer 50% to 60% of the market price of what you brought in. The final offer for trade-ins depends on the gear quality and your haggling skills.

And, yes you can certainly haggle at Guitar Center but it’s unlikely to cross 65%. If you compare this to a pawnshop or other music stores, this is a fair trade-in value. However, you may have better luck online if you are willing to put in the work.

How to calculate your guitar center cash sale value?

Guitar center offers a baseline 50% of the worth of your guitar for a cash sale. To get the worth of your guitar, use one of the various online options for valuing a guitar, then take half that for a good yardstick as to what guitar center will give you in cash for your guitar. You’ll also need to take into consideration the condition of the guitar. Take the valuation, knock it in half, and that’s a good guideline for what you’ll get.

How to calculate your guitar center trade in value?

Guitar center offers a 10% “Trade In/Trade Up” premium on used guitar that’s brought in for a trade rather than cash. As before, use an online blue book to value your guitar, then multiply that by 60% to get an idea of guitar center’s trade in value for your guitar.

Selling or trading music gear independently online can be cumbersome because you need to sift through multiple offers and accommodate the demands of each prospective buyer. They may request a meet-up to check out your instrument, and so would you if it is a trade. You will also bear the shipping expenses, which makes the process less worthwhile.

At the end of the day, the marginal uptick in value may not be worth the time and energy involved in finding the right trade or buyer in other formats.

Is there a guitar center trade in value calculator online?

Unfortunately, no such thing exists, but the following table should give you an idea of what you’re looking at.

Item ValueSell For CashTrade For Another Item

Is it worth selling used gear to Guitar Center?

The consensus is that Guitar Center is very fair and transparent when it comes to their trade policy. They mostly offer you a flat 60% of whatever they think they can make on your instrument, even if you would have been willing to settle for less.

Let us take a simple example: Hypothetically, you own a guitar with a $1000 current market value. Most music stores constantly offer coupons and discounts (like the Black Friday sale, for example) ranging from 10 to 20% off on new gear. So, the selling price for a new guitar is more like $800.

Now, very few people will buy a used guitar for $700 if a new one costs $100 more. So, they have to price the used guitar at $500 based on the condition of the guitar. This means they will offer you 60% of that price – which will amount to $300.

If you factor in the time it takes them to process this, setup the guitar, refurbish it and push for the sale – they are only making $200 on their investment. At best, this is the same if not lesser than the money they make by selling a new instrument, which involves less work.  

If you think about it, the fact that they accept trades is more of a customer service or courtesy rather than a profit-making venture. Keeping this in mind, Guitar Center offers a reasonable trade-in value in a relatively fast process.

Dos and Don’ts of Trading in at Guitar Center

Don’t call or email GC looking for a quote, Guitar Center will not respond to such queries as their policy mandates an in-person inspection and evaluation of the instrument.

Polish, clean, restring – do whatever it takes to make your gear look nice and shiny. First impressions matter, and you don’t want to walk in with a guitar with rusted strings or a pedal covered in a layer of dust.

Do your research before you go in with implausible expectations and get disappointed. Find a used listing on GC or other used markets of the exact same gear that you want to sell. The trade in offer that GC will make will be 60% of the price you see on that listing.

If you are selling in the used market, don’t forget to factor in shipping in the final price. If you sell a pedal for $150 but shipping costs you $50, you’ve only made $100.

Go prepared and trade up!

We hope to have equipped you with our first-hand wisdom regarding the second-hand market. We depend on you spreading the word about KillerGuitarRigs in order to keep making these free guides and resources.

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  • Thank you Andrew for putting this info together for anyone considering to sell to Guitar Center. I have been buying and trading in several guitars and amplifiers with GC now for 8 years. I’ve found trade in my used gear t o be waaay easier than trying to sell on Craigs List.


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