Iron Maiden Is Just ’Noise’ According David Crosby, Testament Guitarist Reacts

It’s not unusual for David Crosby to speak up publicly about his musical tastes. And it’s also not unusual for him to get under fire from the watchful eye of the online rock community. The newest one came on October 23 via his Twitter account.

It all started when guitarist Vin Downes shared a video of Iron Maiden performing live. Vin said:

“An old friend from high school flew in from Kansas this week just to go see Iron Maiden with me tonight. I cannot explain how much fun this was. My inner metalhead is still smiling. Last time I saw them was in ’86… They’re still as tight as ever & put on an amazing show. Wow.”

Crosby reposted this video and wrote:

“It’s so weird to me that you like that noise”

Needless to say, this brought up countless responses from various fans and even some famous musicians. Some fans, surprisingly enough, agreed with David. One user wrote:

“There is zero nuance, or texture, or like light and shade to that music. I feel like my head would feel like it got hit with a sledgehammer after I left a show like that.”

The person in question probably never heard of Meshuggah or, God forbid, Immolation. Anyhow, most of the responses went a completely different way, some even personally attacking Crosby. Of course, things are feeling tense around David Crosby talking about hard rock and heavy metal.

Guinnevere - David Crosby - 4/14/2018

He also publicly admitted that he’s not very fond of Eddie Van Halen’s guitar playing. The whole thing probably wouldn’t be that bad if it wasn’t just days after Eddie’s passing in October 2020.

Although this Iron Maiden-related tweet didn’t suffer from bad timing issues (fortunately, everyone in Maiden is in perfect health), it really weirded people out. Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick, who’s both an incredible metal and jazz guitar player, responded by saying:

“David, it has to be experienced live. The energy is contagious. Let @vindownes [Vin Downes] drag you to one of their shows sometime. You might be surprised!”

At the moment, Iron Maiden are on their North American tour. Dubbed “Legacy of the Beast Tour ’22,” it’s only got a couple of dates left. In 2023, they’ll be hitting the road once again with “The Future Past Tour.” So far, their 2023 plans include Europe. We have no doubts that new dates will be added soon.

Photo: David Shankbone (David Crosby Occupy Wall Street 2011 Shankbone), Campus Party Brasil (Bruce Dickinson at Campus Party (cropped))

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