Is David Coverdale’s Singing Bad or Not? Here’s What Whitesnake Fans Say of Recent Performances

Although David Coverdale has been waiting for a while to get his band together and hit the road, 2022 marks the year when he got the chance to finally commence Whitesnake’s final tour. The lineup even features some new members, such as the magnificent Tanya O’Callaghan on bass guitar, giving the band a boost of new energy.

However, in more recent weeks, we’ve seen some mixed to negative reactions to David Coverdale’s vocal performances. Aside from a noticeable number of YouTube and social media comments, we’ve also gotten a professional opinion on the matter by Justin Hawkins of The Darkness.

Was It Really That Bad?!

As Justin explained, Coverdale “lost a bit of power” in his voice. Nonetheless, he said that he’d go and see the show. Another thing to bear in mind is that these were the tour’s initial shows. Knowing that David Coverdale is 70 (and turning 71 later this year), it would probably take some time to get the pipes going. Here are some of the videos from May with the fans expressing their dissatisfaction in the comments.

Whitesnake Live In Dublin 2022-Take Me With You
WHITESNAKE - Still Of The Night - Dublin 2022
Whitesnake Live In Dublin 2022-Crying In The Rain

We’ve now taken some time to look into more recent fan-filmed videos and check things out. Additionally, we’ve also looked into the comments to see whether people have changed their minds about Coverdale’s voice. The video below from Helsinki, Finland is of pretty great quality and you can really make out everything.

Whitesnake - Still Of The Night - 6.6.2022 Helsinki Finland - live

The comments are mostly positive. However, some have reflected on the quality of the performance, saying that it’s not what it used to be due to his age. One of the YouTube users argued: “Range totally gone but at least he still sounds like David Coverdale.”

In a comment section of another fan-filmed video from Hamar, Norway, we can, once again, see some mixed reactions to his vocals. One of the comments argues that his voice is “horrible,” while others have let it slide due to his age.

WHITESNAKE - BURN, Live in Hamar, Norway 2/6-22

Looking into this other video from Hamar, Norway, the commenters have engaged in quite a discussion. Plenty of them are focusing on the band using most of the other members to cover the vocal parts.

Whitesnake Live at Hamar Norway 2022

Here are a few other videos from recent shows performed in late May and early June.

Whitesnake - Is This Love/Give Me All Your Love/Here I Go Again [KB Hallen, Copenhagen, DK 29-05-22]
Whitesnake - Burn (Hovet, Stockholm, Sweden 2022) 4k
Whitesnake "Here I go again"@Saku Suurhall. Tallinn.08.06.2022

Photo: Kerrin Key (15.07.2019 – Whitesnake, Saint-Petersburg (48302161742) (cropped))


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