Jackass’ Steve-O Recalls Prince Being a ‘Super Jerk,’ Says That Kid Rock Physically Assaulted Him

We all know what it’s like when parents tell you that you can’t make a living from just being a jackass. But for better or for worse, Stephen Glover who we know as Steve-O is just one of the people who proved them all wrong. And being one of the legendary “Jackass” crew members, the show not only earned him fame but he also got the chance to meet other celebrities, including rock stars.

Unfortunately for Steve-O, two rock legends weren’t exactly thrilled to meet him. In his new episode of the Steve-O’s Wild Ride!, with his “Jackass” colleague Chris Pontius as a guest, Steve-O recalled a couple of incidents involving Prince and Kid Rock. And both of these musicians got annoyed by his attempt at a trick to balance a cup on his head and then drink it all up without using his hands. Looking back on Prince’s reaction, he said (via Loudwire):

“Prince was a super jerk to me. So I’m doing my trick, and I had this model girlfriend, and he turns to my model girlfriend and is like, ‘Does this impress you?’ He said it in a real condescending, dick way. And my model girlfriend said, ‘Yeah, it’s actually pretty impressive, you should check it out.’

However, his encounter with Kid Rock didn’t really end well. As Steve-O remembers, back in 2001, he tried to show Kid Rock the same cup-balancing trick. As he explained:

“I mean dude, I’m always annoying, or at least I was really annoying, and I remember Kid Rock was with Pamela Anderson in like 2001. And I was like, ‘Yo dude, alright man let me show you this trick.’ And I’m like balancing the cup and I’m trying to lay down, and he just fuckin’ kicked me. He just straight kicked me and knocked the cup off my head. Ruined my trick.”

During the chat, the “Jackass” star also remembered showing the trick to Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction. Although the musician wasn’t impressed by it, Steve-O didn’t elaborate on whether Farrell was mean about it. Whatever is the case, this can be a useful lesson – always be careful when meeting your heroes. You can check out this conversation in the embedded player below.

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Photos: Gage Skidmore (Steve-O (6091435373)), Scott Penner (Prince at Coachella (cropped))


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