Jackson Release New Entirely Original Guitar Design in That Death Angel Guitarist Drew on a Napkin

Jackson Guitars have announced a brand new instrument — a signature model for Death Angel’s Rob Cavestany. This guitar, which is part of the Signature Pro Series, features an entirely new original design that Rob came up with all the way back in the 1980s. And

As Music Radar reminded us, a couple of years ago, Cavestany said: “I drew it on the napkin and thought one day it would be amazing to get a guitar like this  – custom-made that way.” And now, after some time of having it as an exclusive for the Death Angel guitarist, Jackson brings it as a production model and his Rob’s signature guitar. In a new promotional material for Jackson, Cavestany said:

“The reason I wanted a Jackson guitar was because my guitar hero, Randy Rhoads, played a Jackson guitar. The Jackson Custom Shop built my dream machine and invented a brand new shape based on my crazy designs. I can’t wait to see what shredders everywhere do when they have a Death Angel in their hands.”

Introducing The Rob Cavestany Signature Death Angel | Jackson Presents | Jackson Guitars

“I’ve always loved the look of pointy guitars. Two of my favorites, Eddie Van Halen and Akira Takasaki, played starbody shapes, but the high frets were hard to access.”

“I used the devil horn shape of guitars that Angus Young and Tony Iommi played to replace the extended wing of the starbody. Then I used the curve at the bottom of a Randy Rhoads guitar which looked like a shark’s fin. It’s comfy to play sitting down, meanwhile you can get into all kinds of positions with it when rocking live!”

This fine guitar comes with some pretty interesting features, apart from the looks, that is. The lightweight nyatoh body combines these aesthetic traits with ergonomic qualities, including the deep cutaway for accessing higher frets.

Its male neck, which forms a set-in construction with the body, includes a rosewood fingerboard with a compound radius, from 12 to 16 inches. There’s a total of 24 jumbo-sized frets and “sharkfin” inlays. The instrument’s scale length is the common 25.5 inches.

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The instrument is equipped with active EMG humbuckers — 81 in the bridge and HA in the neck position. Despite being metal-oriented, the guitar gives some versatility with such a pickup combination. Along with that, we have a Floyd Rose bride, a locking nut, and Jackson’s die-cast tuners with Dunlop’s dual-locking stap buttons.

All this is available at the price of $1,199.99. You can check it all out at Jackson’s official website here.

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