Lesson: Joyous Wolf – “Fearless” Guitar Lesson with Blake Allard

Our dude Blake Allard from Joyous Wolf recently sent us a video lesson on how to play their new single Fearless.

In the video, Blake uses a pretty sweet looking Gibson Les Paul to walk you through how to play the chorus of the song, which is out now as a single on all streaming platforms courtesy of Roadrunner Records.

You can check out our interview with the band from last year here. In that interview we asked Blake about his ongoing guitar rigs:

Has the band’s guitar gear evolved over the years or has it been a fairly consistent rig? 

Our rigs usually slowly evolve over time and I think we’re in a perfect place for how we want to be portrayed now.  I religiously play my 2008 335 Custom but have recently upgraded from a Plexi to a 1984 JCM800 and I haven’t looked back.  I smile ear to ear every time I get to turn that thing up, it fits me and the band perfectly. 

Same with Greg (Braccio, bassist) too, he’s always been a Fender/Ampeg guy, and recently just upgraded to a G&L that he’s totally in love with. 

As far as the EP specifically, what gear did you use? Was there anything that got used in the studio that’s not in your live rig?

For the EP I specifically used my amp and cabinet at the time which was a Suhr SL68 and a 1968 Marshall 4×12.  We also added some layering with a couple great small combo amps that I’ve learned are the secret to great recorded guitar tones. Depending on the tuning of the song I was switching between my 335 and my Gretsch‘s that I use, both player series Jet and Broadkaster.  Quick shoutout to Howard Benson also for letting me use Lemmy from Motorhead’s fuzz pedal he said he threw in the trash on his way out of the studio one day, awesome story.

Check out the video on our new YouTube channel, and don’t forget to subscribe for more!

Joyous Wolf - "Fearless" Guitar Lesson with Blake Allard
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