Kirk Hammett Messed Up ‘Nothing Else Matters’ Intro During Metallica Show, Here’s How the Audience Reacted

No matter what you might think, a rock star life is far from an easy one. All the tedious problems of touring and performing the same songs over and over again for decades take their toll. And no matter how seemingly simple a song might be, we’re all human and we all make mistakes. It’s bound to happen and be sure that someone will record it and share it on social media. That’s exactly what happened on a recent Metallica show on May 29 at the Boston Calling festival in Allston, Massachusetts.

Sure, the intro to “Nothing Else Matters” isn’t that hard to pull off. But it seems that errors can creep up even with the easiest songs. Kirk Hammett was on stage playing a brief clean section of Boston classic “More Than a Feeling” on his prized “Greeny” Gibson Les Paul. After a few bars, he went straight into “Nothing Else Matters,” playing the well-known open-string intro.

However, after adding those notes on top, he missed a few. Realizing his mistake, he ended up deliberately messing it up even further. To make things more dramatic, he laid down on the stage, with the entire audience laughing and cheering. After standing up, he addressed the audience, offering:

“Sorry, guys. You’re so kickass. I got distracted by how kickass you are.”

To be fair, if one messes up a song in front of so many people, the comeback should be exactly like this. He then started the song over and the whole thing went smoothly after Kirk breaking the ice. You can check out the whole thing below.

Metallica - Nothing Else Matters - Boston Calling Festival - 5/29/2022
@metallica Nothing Else Matters at Boston Calling 2022

Photo: YouTube screenshot


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