Here’s How Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst Reacted to ’Durst Burst’ Guitar, Truth Behind Bizarre Instrument Revealed

To those not familiar with the whole thing, Chibson has two meanings. It’s either a name for cheap overseas Gibson copies or the name of a new de facto official guitar parody brand. Known for their parodies and unique pun-filled guitar humor, Chibson USA has now taken things to a whole new level and turn one of their parody guitar concepts into a real thing.

A few years ago, Chibson USA started messing around with the Durst Burst concept via their social media channel. It’s essentially a Les Paul guitar with the face of Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst as its finish pattern. Yes, it looks as weird (and perhaps creepy) as it sounds. And now, Chibson USA revealed that they not only brought Durst Burst to life but also presented it to Durst himself. In a new video, the man behind Chibson USA, Jason USA, says:

“On the morning of November 30, 2018, I woke up from a dream I do not remember with words ‘Durst burst’ in my brain. Without hesitation, I began my mission to place Fred Durst’s image in the grains of a maple wood cap of a solid-body guitar. A day later, the Durst Burst was born.”

“It would be this first image that was shared on Chibson USA’s Instagram page. And only a few minutes after posting, Fred Durst would comment with two broccoli emojis.”

Chibson USA: Durst Burst Commercial (2019)

“Taking this as a sign, I called upon Mike from East Bay Guitar Repair and we would soon begin to apply iconic image onto a working solid-body guitar. Once the instrument was completed, I felt the nagging urgency to show the guitar to the one person who would have a pure interest in seeing it up close — the one and only Fred Durst.”

“But with no way to get the instrument in front of Fred, it would be nearly impossible for me to carry out my mission. Until, exactly one year from the Durst Burst’s inception, my personal assistant Ashton called me to tell me that had won two tickets to see Limp Bizkit perform at an intimate show at Roxy, in the heart of Hollywood, California.”

Chibson USA: The All New Durst Burst (2020)

He then adds:

“Once the show concluded, Ashton and myself would finally have our chance to meet up with Fred on the patio of the fabled Rainbow Bar & Grill. It would be here that Fred would finally get to see the Durst Burst up close.”

“Taken aback by the iconic instrument, Fred asked me if this was some type of a deeply-layered attempt at trolling. I did not have the heart to tell him that the whole idea had come to me in a dream and that I believe that the concept was something cosmic and bigger than the both of us.”

“It was in that moment that I felt compelled to give the guitar to Fred as a gift. I remember him staring at the instrument for a moment, and then he confided with me about the image on the Durst Burst, explaining that the baseball cap persona which so many people would both love and hate was simply Fred’s take on an antagonistic Andy Kaufman bad guy wrestler persona, mixed with some Tony Clifton-isms for good measure, a secret that not many would know, let alone understand.”

“Now that the Durst Burst was finally with its rightful owner, Ashton and I would continue to honor Fred’s spirit by having the replica of the original Durst Burst made.”

Photos: YouTube screenshots (Chibson USA)

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