These New Distortion Devices by Tech 21 Combine Amp and Pedal Tone, Here Are the Prices and Some Specs

As time goes by and technological advances further shape the world of music, it seems that the days of bulky guitar rigs are slowly coming to an end. If you’re up for downsizing, you might consider Tech 21’s new pedals within their SansAmp line. Called Character Plus, the new series comes with four different pedals in four different flavors, reports Guitar World.

Each of these pedals comes with a specific amp and distortion pedal model emulation. And, of course, we’re talking about all-analog circuitry. These pedals are:

  • Screaming Blonde – Fender-style tone with Tube Screamer-style distortion
  • Fuzzy Brit – Marshall and Fuzz Face
  • English Muffy – HiWatt and Big Muff
  • Mop Top Liverpool – Vox and Rangemaster boost

Each of these are relatively larger pedals, somewhat resembling amp-based footswitches. However, we can notice that each comes with a fair number of controls, as well as three footswitches.

These pedals are also equipped with regular ¼-inch guitar inputs and balanced XLR outputs. What this means is that you can plug them straight into a mixing board, PA, or an audio interface and get a realistic amp tone. Of course, they also come with your regular ¼-inch output for a normal guitar amp connection.

You can also use them as a preamp and go straight into your amplifier’s power amp section. This brings some additional tone-shaping versatility.

Each of these also come with a 2-channel operation, in addition to the distortion pedal or boost emulation. And each channel has its own controls for volume, drive, and “character.” Their onboard 3-band EQs control both channels.

The distortion or boost circuitry also has its controls. The only one that’s specific in this regard is Mop Top Liverpool which comes with a boost level control and high-shift and mid-shift switches.

All four SansAmp Character Plus Series units are $279. You can check out more info over at Tech 21’s official website here.

Photos: Tech 21

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