New Martin CEO Says Company Wants to Engage With Younger Audiences, Explains How They’ll Do It

While we’d prefer to stray away from the usual buzzwords to define and generalize entire populations of music fans, it’s no secret that there is a discrepancy between younger and older generations of music fans.

Sure, it may have created some unwanted trends that could hinder the creation of new music. But whether we like it or not, TikTok is now a go-to place for younger audiences to find new music. And this also goes for guitar and guitar-oriented genres.

In a recent chat with Guitar World, C. F. Martin & Company CEO Thomas Ripsam addressed this generation gap in the world of guitar and explained that not thinking of the younger generations and what they’re doing these days could cost the company its future. Ripsam, who has been at the helm of the company since June 2021, said:

“It’s a challenge because I think our industry hasn’t necessarily been educated to change quickly enough and stay connected. Younger audiences, their main sources [of information] are TikTok and YouTube, it’s simply that. And we either participate in that, or we don’t at our own peril.”

CRAZY GUITAR TikTok Videos Compilation 2020

Of course, adapting to the post-pandemic (or pandemic) modern world is also another issue to be tackled. After all, it seems that plenty of people started playing guitar in 2020 and onwards. Reflecting on the matter, he said:

“There are a lot of people who love to create and make music and get something out of it that frankly don’t play yet. And so to me, there is the potential to tap into that much more than we have done [so far].”

“There are a lot of things [we] can do [but] we need to be clear on who we are as Martin, and what our role is in this space. But I look forward to figuring out some of these opportunities and doing it with the team. I’m not concerned – I’m actually excited. Because I don’t think we are opportunity-constrained.

In other news, Martin also celebrated their 2.5 millionth guitar produced. For this occasion, they prepared something special which you can check out in the embedded player below.

Custom D-2.5 Millionth

Photo: Joseph Brent (C.F. Martin Guitar Factory 2012-08-06 – 052)

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