Check out Jerry Cantrell’s new custom aged ‘Wino’ Gibson Les Paul Custom

Gibson have announced Alice In Chain guitarist Jerry Cantrell’s new limited edition Murphy aged Gibson Les Paul Custom – the ‘Wino’.

Limited to 100 pieces, the guitar costs a staggering $8999, but according to Cantrell, it’s a near perfect replica of his #1.

“It’s pretty wild, I held them up next to each other and it’s pretty spot on”.

The guitar features a maple top on a weight-relieved mahogany body, a Custom Cantrell shaped mahogany neck with a hide-glued neck tenon, MOP block inlays in a 12″-radius ebony fingerboard, and aged gold hardware. 

Pickup wise, the guitar has a pair of 490R (bridge) and 498T (neck) humbuckers as well as a Fishman Powerbridge piezo pickup (powered by a 5v battery in a rear cavity) allowing the player to switch over to an “acoustic” sound on the fly. As per Cantrell’s own guitar, the neck pickup sports and aged gold cover, while the bridge goes au natural.

As for wiring, the guitar sports 500K CTS Audio-Taper pots and ceramic capacitors, and an unusual control layout with three volume pots and a master tone, allowing the player to control all three pickups independently.

Rumor has it that this isn’t the last signature Cantrell custom we’ll see this year, with some hints at a Songwriter acoustic guitar – with some Cantrell cusomizations – dropped in the guitarist’s recent Atone single.

Check out the guitar in the video below.

Jerry Cantrell "Wino" Les Paul Custom
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