Nita Strauss Says She Now Owns an Acoustic Guitar, Still Prefers Electric

A few years ago, Nita Strauss spoke up about acoustic guitars, revealing that she actually doesn’t own one. Even though it was a bit of a shock, it kind of made some sense since she’s so focused on electric guitar-based music. However, in a new interview with Ultimate Guitar, Nita revealed that she actually owns one now. Asked about the matter and whether she used an acoustic guitar on her upcoming solo album “Call of the Void,” she said:

“I do have one now. I don’t believe I used one on the record, but actually, I did use one on the Demi [Lovato] tour. So I do own a really nice Ibanez acoustic now.

When asked whether we could expect a hypothetical acoustic Nita Strauss album in 2024, she replied:

“I’ll have to learn how to play it well first. I still play an acoustic like an electric guitar player playing an acoustic. You know, I do believe that to play an acoustic really well, you know, like Tommy Emmanuel…

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Going more into the matter, Nita also named one great guitar player who’s good at handling both acoustics and electrics equally:

“Angel Vivaldi is a perfect example of someone who can play incredible acoustic guitar and shred all of our faces off on the electric guitar. So I think for me to make an acoustic record, I would have to perfect that art a little bit more. But we’ll see. You never know.

Further on, Nita was asked to reveal whether she has any aversion towards acoustic guitars and why she just keeps getting back to electrics. She responded:

“I wouldn’t say there’s an aversion as much. An electric guitar is definitely more comfortable to play. I have a repetitive stress injury in my left hand, so it is hard to press down the thicker strings that are farther off the neck for a long period of time. The type of music I listen to doesn’t use a lot of acoustic guitars.

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“So just for me personally, it doesn’t inspire me as much as sitting down and practicing my favorite songs on an electric guitar. So… Again, you know, I never say never. I think that someday there will be a chapter in my life where I find that I want to pick up the acoustic and play it, but right now I’ll just take the Jiva and I’ll plug it into a Boss AC-2 and that’ll be my acoustic.

Going back to another interview by Ultimate Guitar, done back in 2021, Nita explained how she, at that point, didn’t even own an acoustic guitar. Asked whether she uses it in the writing phase, she replied:

“I don’t even own an acoustic guitar. I don’t have one. If I record with one, I have to borrow one. I write everything on an electric guitar, using an acoustic simulator patch on the Kemper — either at GT-1000 or an AC-3.

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“It’s just the way I like to write. I don’t think my way is right and everyone who writes on acoustic is wrong. It’s just how I like to write.”

And in another interview that same year, she even said that it’s “not cool” for new players to pick up an acoustic:

“It’s not cool. Playing an acoustic guitar is not cool.

“When some people do it, it’s cool; when Tommy Emmanuel does it, it’s cool. He’s amazing.

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“But for a kid that’s just starting out that wants to play ‘Iron Man’ or ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit,’ or something, they just want to turn the guitar and make some noise.

“I still don’t own an acoustic guitar, how about that?”

When asked when she was going to get an acoustic guitar, she said:

“Honestly, I don’t have any real opposition to playing acoustic, I just don’t particularly like it. It’s kind of for the same beginner reasons we were talking about, I don’t find it particularly fun.”

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“That’s not to say that I wouldn’t and I do have some acoustic parts on my first album, [2020’s] ‘Controlled Chaos,’ I don’t have any on the upcoming album.”

“But I’m sure I will in the future. I dip my toes into the seven-string waters on this upcoming record, and I’m more just focused on getting heavier and faster.”

“And I think at some point in my evolution as a guitar player, I’ll hit the other fork in the road and go more towards the acoustic, more chill music, and learn that kind of technique.”

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“But right now, I’m enjoying the trajectory that I’m on.”

Be that as it may, she now owns one and we’ll see if she does any recordings with it in the future. But for now, she’s preparing for the release of her new album “Call of the Void” which will be out this July. It features a great lineup of guest stars, including Alice Cooper, David Draiman, and the almighty Marty Friedman.

Photo: Frank Schwichtenberg (Nita Strauss – Wacken Open Air 2017 36)


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