Ola Englund Shares Honest Opinion on Slipknot Getting ’Softer,’ Names One ’Cringey’ Thing About New Tim Henson Signature Guitar

Releasing a new weekly analysis video this Sunday, renowned YouTuber and The Haunted guitarist Ola Englund looked back on a few important music-related issues happening recently. In particular, he looked back on the issue of Polyphia’s Tim Henson releasing a nylon-string signature guitar, as well as some negative fan reactions to Slipknot’s new album “The End, So Far.”

Regarding Tim Henson’s Ibanez TOD10N nylon-string guitar, he said (transcribed by Killer Guitar Rigs):

“One thing’s for sure — Polyphia and Tim Henson and the guys in Polyphia have definitely carved themselves a complete new genre of guitar ‘spacey’ music I would say that everyone is kind of aping off a little bit.”

“It’s incredible. It’s cool because you don’t really see that much happening anymore in the metal community. I mean, is this metal? Probably not. But, you know… You know what I’m saying.”

“I am definitely excited about this guitar. The cool part about it is that the street price is 699 US dollars which is not that much for a signature guitar, to be honest. I thought that it was extremely cool.”

Tim Henson Signature Guitar TOD10N | Playing God Playthrough | Ibanez

Looking into some of its visual traits, however, Ola was a bit put off. He explained:

“That inlay is a little… With rose and all… That’s a little cringey maybe. But other than that, I think it looks… *random noises* Right? The soundhole where the sound goes to your face… I would love to try one of these out. I would love to get one of these and try it out for something. I’m not used to nylon strings or playing classical guitar. But maybe it could be a cool venture to go into.

Going further into the video, Ola looked back on the new Slipknot album “The End, So Far,” explaining:

“I’ve actually been quite enjoying the album. I’ve just said in the latest Sunday with Ola that it was a little soft. Well, it seems that a lot more people have told to Slipknot that they don’t like their new album. So Corey Taylor tells them to fuck off basically.”

The Chapeltown Rag

Reflecting on Corey Taylor’s message to listeners, saying that they should accept it for what it is, Ola said:

“He’s absolutely right. I mean, we have been getting a softer and softer Slipknot ever since ‘Iowa.’ I mean, it’s just the natural development of a band getting more mature and older and, you know… They can’t just be hating all their lives.”

He also added:

“There’s also been speculations that since ‘The End, So Far’ was the last album with Roadrunner Records for Slipknot that they kind of half-assed the process of the album, because it was the last one. And then when they will release the next album, it will be super kickass.”

“I don’t think that Slipknot would do something like this. I don’t think they would resort to releasing a lesser album. The next time they will release an album, it will be on their own label. It will probably be pretty similar to what we hear on ‘So Far.’ Maybe even softer.”

Photo: S. Bollmann (The Haunted Rockharz 2015 08), Noise Ordnance LLC (Corey Taylor 2-17-18 The Rave Milwaukee)

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