Origin Effects Release TS808-Inspired Halcyon Green Overdrive, Here’s What It Sounds Like

After decades of electric guitar development, one thing still remains ­– there’s never a shortage of Tube Screamer clones. Origin Effects revealed their new pedal, called Halycon Green Overdrive, reports Gear News.

We’re looking at a clone of a TS808 Screamer variant, giving the classic pedal some additional features. However, it also keeps things simple and is, arguably, one of Origin Effects’ most straightforward pedals. Here’s one of the demos below:

Origin Effects Halcyon Green Overdrive

It also comes with the company’s so-called adaptive circuitry. The idea here is to bring a very low-gain overdrive while keeping that much-desired mid-focus. This makes it useful for those clean yet slightly dirty tones, as well as for boosting tube-driven amps’ clean channels.

What’s also great about this adaptive circuitry is that the pedal changes its voicing depending on your playing dynamics or even pick attack. So it adds that tube-like twist to the equation even if you pair it with a solid-state amp. The circuitry, according to the company, also emulates the ways amplifiers and speakers react. Its input is a high-impedance one and the pedal offers a buffered bypass.

Origin Effects Halcyon Green Overdrive - A Tubescreamer with a Difference - First Look and Demo

The pedal comes with four main knobs. But aside from volume, tone, and drive, there’s also one that controls the amount of the dry signal in the mix. This opens up more tone-shaping possibilities. For instance, with more of the clean signal getting through, you can let your tube-driven amp do more work when distorting the tone. The pedal serves as a booster.

Along with this, we can also notice two additional switches. One of these is a so-called “ADAPT” switch that offers three positions. The one on the left gives no special adaptive behavior. The middle one provides you with full adaptive traits, fully tweaking the mid-focused tone depending on your playing. And the third position is somewhere in between, not fully affecting the EQ curve but still providing some dynamic response.

Halcyon Green Overdrive || All About The Pedal

The second switch controls the voicing. The regular “808” setting provides a classic mid-focused tone. However, the “MOD” position will boost those higher mids or presence frequencies.

We’re looking at an incredibly responsive overdrive that serves players of all genres. From the looks of it, it’s a great choice for boosting and enhancing your tube-driven amps, just the way a Tube Screamer clone should be. The pedal’s listed price on the website is £199.17 without taxes. For more info, visit the website here.

Photos: Origin Effects

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