Pedal Manufacturer Fulltone Reportedly Closing Its Business

New rumors have started circulating online about Fulltone reportedly closing its business after about 3 decades of existence. Music Radar, as well as a few other gear-oriented outlets, have shared what seems to be a memo that was leaked on The Gear Page forum thread. Additionally, the thread also includes what seems to be a screenshot of an Instagram story, although, as of this writing, there aren’t any stories shared on their social media channels.

There’s also a thread on Reddit about this exact thing. One of the users also shared proof of the company taking a PPP loan (Paycheck Protection Program). You can find that here. The aforementioned social media screenshots are available below.

As for the memo, it reads:

“It’s with a heavy heart that I announce that Fulltone will be closing its doors in CA after 30 years. The building, which I own, is up for sale. The building, which I own, is up for sale.”

Full memo below:

Aside from the memo and these social media stories, there’s solid proof that this is true. An official document from a real estate agency is available online and lists the property for $2.5 million. The document is available at this location.

A report by Gear News also claims that the outlet has reached out to major European retailer Thomann who claim that Fulltone is indeed closing. However, the retailer still has a full stock of Fulltone pedals at the moment.

The problem, however, is that there’s still no official statement from Mike Fuller. Well, at least not the internal one that apparently leaked. On the other hand, the document of Fulltone factory facilities going for sale is pretty solid proof. But until we get an official confirmation from the company’s owner, this is nothing but speculation. More will come so stay tuned.

Photo: ArtBrom (Fulltone OCD v.1)


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