P.O.D’s Marcos Curiel – “I just smile and say Mesa baby. That tube life!”

After almost 30 years as a band and with 15 million records sold, P.O.D. have somehow stayed the same four main members playing with the same passion that formed the band.

Coming out of the lockdowns this year, the band went on the road for their 20th anniversary tour of their landmark Satellite album, which gave them their biggest hit singles in Alive and Youth Of A Nation.

Despite spending a little time looking back, the band is still driving forward, moving into 2022 writing new material and getting ready to keep doing what they do.

We caught up with Marcos to talk about the anniversary tour, his love for PRS, and why his tube amps smoke modelers.

P.O.D. - "Circles" (Official Music Video)

You recently wrapped up the P.O.D Satellite 20th Anniversary Tour. How did that tour go? It must have been amazing to come together and celebrate an album that inspired so many people.

It was an amazing celebration of 20 years. It was an honor to be able to celebrate with fans, friends & family nationwide. Especially considering the adversity this album has dealt with.

Coming out on 9/11 and 20 years later touring on this record during a global pandemic. Blessed! 

Satellite was obviously a big album for P.O.D, when you look back on that time do you have any fond memories during the making  of that album?

Coming off the fundamental elements of Southtown’ cycle it was evident we had gained momentum.

We were feeling the energy and felt that everything was just clicking.

It just felt right. Everything was clicking. Moving in the right direction and we had the right songs.

We knew we were on to something big. 

So many bands who are present during the whole early 2000’s ‘nu-metal’ era have gone on to both outgrow the label and really stand the test of time when it comes to staying together as a band and consistently putting out stellar music. Is there anything in particular that you feel has enabled P.O.D to do what you do for so long and so successfully?

Growth individually and collectively. Learning from our mistakes and not taking what we do for granted.

Always being fans of music. Old and new.

Most of all our fan base. They love us and we love them back.

When it comes to playing songs from earlier on in your career, are there any pieces of equipment you have to pull out of retirement to get that sound? Or does your 2021 setup cover everything, including older songs?

It’s like an old shoe. I add things here and there. But for the most part it’s still a lot of the same equipment. Then and now.

If it ain’t broke don’t change it. 

P.O.D. - Youth of the Nation (Official Music Video) [HD]

In 2018 you announced your signing to Mascot for the release of Circles, do you have any updates about a new release you would be able to share with us?

Right now we are just writing new music. No new album title as of yet.

You’ve been an avid user of PRS for a few decades now, as a professional touring musician what is it about them that makes them so good for what you do?

The reason I even batted an eye at PRS was because of the man, the myth, the legend. Mr. Carlos Santana.

Ever since I got my hands on one I’ve never let go. They are a true piece of art. They play so sweet and are crafted so well. Not to mention it’s a sexy ass guitar. That works for me.

The people at that company are good people. They’ve always been good to me. 

Are you much of a pedal guy? Any favorites that are a must-have part of your rig you could talk about?

Yes I am a pedal guy. I use whatever floats my boat and makes me smile 😊 Delays, overdrives, reverbs. You name it. I got it.

I’ve been messing with the Headrush multi effects processor. I’m loving it. 

P.O.D. - Alive (Official Music Video) [4K]

You’re known for being a fan of Mesa/Boogie amplifiers and run a few of their heads live. What amp models are you using and how are you running them? Is each head there for its own tone or are they blended together?

I’ve been using Mesa in my mix throughout my whole career.

I’m currently running a dual rectifier & a Mark 5. You just can’t beat ’em. They rip.

It’s funny. Nothing against amp emulators. Everyone is using ‘em these days. But I’ll tell you what, every time I play on the same stage with other bands that aren’t using tube driving amps anymore. Always stop in to see what the hell I’m using. They are floored.

I just smile and say Mesa baby. That tube life & I wink. 

Are there any guitarists or bands you’ve been enjoying recently and could recommend?

Yvette from Covet is amazing. The guitar players from Dance Gavin Dance give me hope. 

Your next outing is in January 2022 for Shiprocked along with bands such as Lamb of God, Sevendust, and Steel Panther. Are you looking forward to that?

It’s always fun to be on Shiprocked with P.O.D. or as a stowaway. So many friends. So many bad ass bands to kick it with. 

What are P.O.D’s plans going into 2022?

We’re currently writing and planning out the next P.O.D. record. Not to mention we can’t wait to travel the globe and see all those smiles from the stage. All love.


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