Polyphia’s Tim Henson Recalls What Got Him Into Playing Guitar, Shares Opinion on Kids Discovering AC/DC Today

Recently, Loudwire published an interview with Polyphia guitarist Tim Henson where they discussed various guitar-related topics. Among other things, they touched upon the earliest popular guitar-related video on YouTube, the legendary “Canon Rock” that’s as old as YouTube or maybe even older as some claim that it was available online through other platforms even earlier. Also known as “Canon in D,” Henson said of it (transcript via Ultimate Guitar):

“Do you remember that video of ‘Canon in D’? There’s like a rock [version of] ‘Cannon in D’. It was so awesome. That video really got me into playing a bit. And then, after that, it kind of died off. Like, that was like the impressive thing. And there are people that would upload themselves, playing, like, Panthera solos – but nobody really cared, right?”

Further on, Tim Henson reflected on current online trends and how younger generations today are using TikTok to find out about rock classics. He adds:

“When YouTube started, it took the guy to make a rock version of a classical piece… to be recognized. Now, you get on TikTok, and you see a kid doing the AC/DC ‘Thunderstruck’ – and people [are] losing their fucking minds.

AC/DC - Thunderstruck (Official Video)

“It’s like, the kids just discovering that guitars do exist, [after] not having existed on the radio for so long. And it’s cool to see that coming back.

“So, the longer I’m alive, the more trends I watch, come and go. And it’s just an interesting thing to see it happen, you know? Because, when you’re a kid – I remember hearing about the ’80s and the ’90s thinking like… some like dinosaur shit. And just like I wasn’t there for that – that’s what these kids think about 2010 now.”

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The video in question was first uploaded by Jerry Chang, also known as JerryC. Coming from Taiwan, Jerry uploaded his electric guitar arrangement of Johann Pachelbel’s “Canon in D” sometime in 2005. The piece became popular when Lim Jeong-hyun covered it and put his version on YouTube.

Canon Rock (JerryC) - The Original

Photos: Delusion23 (Polyphia – Manchester, UK – 6 February 2019), Matt Becker (AngusYoung)

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