PRS Guitars Have PRS Announced the PRS Pulse Artist Roster for 2023

To those not familiar with the program, PRS Guitars have this thing called PRS Pulse Artists. The idea is to support artists using PRS guitars and who “are making waves in their local music scene.” This is done with the help of some of the local retailers and giving these musicians some benefits of an endorsement. And it can lead potentially lead to a full-on endorsement deal, making them Official PRS Artists.

And the company has now revealed their 2023 PRS Artist Roster. These musicians come from 20 different countries, including the USA. As the official press release explains, “the 2023 Pulse Artist class reflects the global scope of the program and represents a range of playing styles.”

2022 PRS Pulse Artist Testimonials | PRS Guitars

Bev Fowler, PRS Director of Artist Relations, had this to say:

“We are excited to continue the Pulse Program as a platform to discover new talent, foster connections amongst a diverse community of guitar players, and help fans and musicians discover each other.”

“It has been rewarding to witness all the accomplishments, collaborations, interviews and live stream performances amongst the Pulse Artists, and we look forward to seeing what the Class of 2023 achieves over the next year.”

The 2023 PRS Pulse Artists are:

  • Stefan Hauk
  • Niki Mukhi
  • Adam James
  • Roy Oliver
  • Lee Ludolph
  • Pannasit Sukahotu
  • José Pablo García
  • Charles Simon
  • Ali Yasin Eser
  • Anthony Arya
  • Rob Riser
  • Siddharth Kota
  • Bailey Ehrgott
  • Luiz Rodrigues
  • Arianna Reddi
  • Bridget Gindhart
  • Rangga Ringrose
  • Kaho Tsuji
  • Wata Harikemu
  • Danni Stefanetti

The creation of this program came with the idea to help influential guitar players with networking. This not only includes contact with one another but also better cooperation with their go-to stores. The benefits include “discounts on guitars, amps, and accessories through their local Authorized PRS Dealer.”

Additionally, there’s also a greater chance of exposure through the content on PRS Guitars’ website and the company’s social media platforms. Putting “PRS Pulse Artist” in a resume has also helped plenty of musicians get better opportunities with sponsors and venues.

Photo: PRS Guitars

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