PRS Now Has an All-New Pedal Lineup, Here Are Some Details

Although we mostly know PRS for their guitars, the company has now launched a whole new lineup of pedals. The new release includes three units which include an overdrive, compressor, and a flanger. But these aren’t just regular effects pedals. So let’s get into these.


Paul Reed Smith himself has shared this statement:

“This whole concept started in my home studio. When recording, the musicians were looking for tones and textures that we couldn’t get straight from the guitar. When we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we started building devices with the help of some friends. That’s how the first pedal prototypes were born. Over time, we all got excited by them, so we decided to offer them to more players. I think these first three designs are the start of something very cool.”

PRS Horsemeat Transparent Overdrive

As the company explains, it’s a “from-scratch circuit designed to enhance guitar tone without coloring it.” With germanium diodes, it avoids those “nasally” kind of tones and keeps the “throatiness.” It boosts highs and lows while giving more headroom. All of these features allow it to work as a clean boost or a regular overdrive. Additionally, you can also use it to further enhance your amp’s dirty channel.

Horsemeat | Transparent Overdrive Pedal | PRS Guitars

PRS Mary Cries Optical Compressor

This is an optical compressor pedal based on LA-2A. It boosts and “evens out” the clean tone but can also add some sustain and deal with control peaks. In case you need compression with some solid boost, without adding unnecessary distortion, PRS Mary Cries is for you. And if you leave the compression control at the minimum setting, you can basically use the pedal as a clean boost device.

Mary Cries | Analog Compressor Pedal | PRS Guitars

PRS Wind Through the Trees Dual Flanger

And for the lovers of crazy modulation effects, Wind Through the Trees is a “dual flanger.” The company describes it as “two flangers fighting each other, resulting in a sound that is reminiscent of the wind whipping through the trees.”

Wind Through The Trees | Dual Analog Flanger Pedal | PRS Guitars


As for the cost, PRS lists this new line of pedals at these prices:

  • Horsemeat $249
  • Mary Cries $219
  • Wind Through the Trees $349

Photo: PRS Guitars


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