PRS Guitars Has a New Artist Showroom at Soundcheck Nashville, Here Are Some of the Details

A new artist showroom by PRS Guitar has opened on March 14 at Soundcheck Nashville studios. The news comes through the legendary guitar manufacturer’s official press release.

As they further explain, the city of Nashville, Tennessee has been the epicenter for all things music, attracting various musicians of all styles. By opening the new space, the company expresses their eagerness “to further strengthen its connection to local professional musicians.”

Soundcheck Nashville is famously known for being the home of the Country Music Awards. With that in mind, PRS Guitars’ Director of Artist Relations, Bev Fowler, explains that the new showroom within Soundcheck is here to “provide an easily accessible, inspiring space for musicians” in their efforts to connect and form a “deeper relationship” between the guitar manufacturer and the artists working in Nashville.

Aside from a well-conceived space, we can also find a wide choice of PRS’ “latest offerings” of guitar models, as well as guitar amplifiers. The official press release states that PRS artists will be allowed to “check out or to borrow and test on the road” any of these guitars and amps.

According to the official information, the showroom at Soundcheck will be open to musicians three days per week – Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The space will be available from 10 AM to 6 PM on these days and through appointments only.

The company also shared a few photos of the place giving us a closer look into it. You can check them out below.


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