Rainbow Singer Reacts to Joe Lynn Turner’s Comments, Defends Ritchie Blackmore’s Decision to Continue With New Members

Rainbow is, without a doubt, one of the game-changing bands in rock music. But in its essence, it’s always been Ritchie Blackmore’s project as he pretty much called all the shots. And it’s not a surprise to know that these decisions may not sit well with everyone, especially past classic members who weren’t invited to be part of the Rainbow’s reunions.

Rainbow’s reunion in 2016 raised some eyebrows, mostly due to a completely new lineup. However, this wasn’t the first time that Blackmore did something similar as he also revamped Rainbow in the 1990s with new members. But this 2016 move is something that didn’t sit really well with the band’s former singer Joe Lynn Turner who recently referred to it as a “weak cheap imitation” and a “trainwreck” and that Ritchie “damaged the legacy” of the band.

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So it’s not a surprise to know that one of the current official Rainbow members has responded to these accusations. In a recent Instagram post, the band’s singer Ronnie Romero, who famously joined in 2016, addressed Joe Lynn Turner’s comments by offering:

“There is so much power in our words when we are a ‘public person’, that we must be careful with what we say… I don’t know and I don’t care what’s between The Main Man and some old ex members of the band, what happened or whatever.

“I’m just a normal guy who one day received the call from one of His idols to sing in the band He always dreamed of to sing… that’s it. I’m pretty convinced I did my job well, (same for Jens, Bob and David, wonderful musicians) as all the feedback, appreciation and love I’m still getting in every place I go.”

“I know as well you cannot be liked by everybody, but I will not tolerate to somebody to call my work ‘cheap’… No Sir.

“Maybe for some guy is time to move on, as He did with other issues in His life, and to be careful to not to despise honest people who is here just working hard, as He does.

“At the end is all about Music, that’s the only thing that counts and matter”

Photo: dr_zoidberg (Ronnie Romero), kitmasterbloke (Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow headlining the Stone Free 2017 Festival at the O2 (35251321701)), Micke Mejdén (JLTurner)


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