Report: Gibson Tried to Close Smaller Guitar Brand Without Previous Legal Notice, Demanded Sales Details

Jericho Guitars CEO Dave Muselman shared a new post through the brand’s social media profiles claiming that Gibson attempted to close their business without previously contacting them. According to Dave, Gibson’s legal representatives tried to close his websites and by contacting the hosting company.

Eventually, Dave moved his websites to another host while losing the company’s sales history, in addition to making it impossible for them to accept new orders for “this past week.” He writes:

“Without establishing any contact whatsoever, Gibson’s team of lawyers shut down my brand Jericho Guitars’ website and attempted to stop me from hosting and”

“They shut down my personal and business email, they shut off Jericho Guitars web-hosting service, they forced me to remove every single one of my product listings offline BEFORE ever speaking a word or delivering me any letters of any kind ever.”

“My business has been for this past week completely unable to accept orders and after having switching hosting accounts all our sales history is totally inaccessible to me.

As Muselman further adds, it was only “days later” that he found out that Gibson was behind the issue, a company that he “once looked up to.” The post reads:

“Days later I found out it was Gibson Guitars. This is a company I once looked up to who is actually responsible for deleting the schedule to my kids’ gymnastics games over a shape and then had the nerve to one week later demand I give them receipts for my sales as if they can just harass and intimidate other brands into taking what they want.”

“I own,, and the brand Jericho Guitars. I will not be scared into handing over my property.”

As Dave also claims, he had to contact the customers and legal representatives of the hosting company where he has two additional websites. He said:

“I had to hear from my customers and a lawyer in some cubicle at a hosting company that my account for and were suspended over an allegation without instruction or explanation.”

At the end of the statement, Dave said that “This is a developing situation.”

As reports, the Jericho Guitars’ website is back online. However, one of their models, called Nomad SuperNova, isn’t available on the website anymore. The instrument’s body design was most likely the issue since it is pretty much the same as Gibson’s Explorer shape, thus Dave mentioning how Gibson is “responsible for deleting the schedule to my kids’ gymnastics games over a shape.”

Jericho Guitars BEGGING for a Gibson Lawsuit! also added that they contacted Muselman for a statement. The Jericho Guitars CEO replied, saying there was no cease-and-desist or any other notice, at least none that were delivered. He also adds that the web host “was presented with what looked like a legal judgment against us, presumably believing we were in the state of Texas which we are not.”

The source also claims that they have contacted Gibson for an official statement. However, no response has been given as of this writing.

Jericho Guitars isn’t the only company to recently deal with Gibson’s legal actions. During 2022, the battle between Gibson and Dean — more precisely, their parent company Armadillo — raged on. Dean eventually lost although Gibson further accused them of ignoring the court order, thus continuing the legal dispute.

To make things worse for Dean, in 2022, Armadillo owner Pamela Keris-Rubinson removed Dean CEO Evan Rubinson, who’s her son, from the role for embezzling around $420,000.

Photo: Jericho Guitars, Martin Hesketh (Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus headstock (2014-08-16 06.06.49 by Martin Hesketh))

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