Skid Row Guitarist Shares Honest Opinion on Jon Bon Jovi, Reveals What the Singer Really Thought of Their Music

Recently, Skid Row guitarist Dave Sabo, also known as the “Snake,” sat down with Colombian W Radio to discuss his work and career. Among other things, Sabo touched upon Bon Jovi frontman Jon Bon Jovi. Bon Jovi and Sabo have been friends for a very long time and are roughly the same age. As the Skid Row guitarist recalls, Bon Jovi was of huge importance to Skid Row in the band’s early days. Sabo said (transcript via Blabbermouth):

“First of all, [Jon Bon Jovi and I] have been best friends since we were children. He grew up three streets away from where I grew up, so we’ve known each other for an awfully long time — well over 40 years now.”

Skid Row - I Remember You (Official Music Video)

“His work ethic and his commitment to music and his perseverance showed me and showed us that it was possible to be able to have success in the music business. He was very, very helpful at the very beginning with our band and he’s always been a great mentor to me.”

Going further into it, Sabo explained that Jon Bon Jovi was somewhat of a mentor to the band in their early days. Being very successful at that moment, the singer helped Skid Row by sharing honest advice, as well as giving them motivation and pushing them to succeed as well. The guitarist continued:

“And he’s always been one hundred percent honest with me regarding all aspects of our relationship. We would always play him our music that we were writing and he would always give us his honest opinion.”

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“And he was the one who, at the very beginning, was really pushing us to be better songwriters, to be better musicians, to be a better band. And he was the guy that really instilled in us that being just good isn’t good enough. You’ve gotta aspire to be great. And that was him teaching us that.”

As of this moment, Skid Row is fronted by young Erik Grönwall. In 2022, the band released their first album with Grönwall on the vocals, titled “The Gang’s All Here.” However, even though many years have passed since Sebastian Bach has left the band, a lot of the fans are still very fond of this classic era and would like to see him back in Skid Row.

SKID ROW 'Time Bomb' - Official Video - From The New Album 'The Gang's All Here'

In an interview published earlier this year, Sabo discussed Eric’s vocal skills and how well he fits the lineup. Among other things, he was asked whether he thinks that this is the strongest lineup in the band’s history. While answering the question, he also reflected on how fans still feel like having Bach back in the band and also recalled why he left in the first place. Sabo said:

“People will compare, and we hear people calling for reunions all the time, but there’s no need. Even before Erik, we never felt a need to go there. Things happened the way they did, and things had gotten very toxic by the end of a certain period in our history.”

“There’s a reason we didn’t look back despite getting far away from who we are. Even if we were far away from that place, we knew going back to something that didn’t work was not something that would make Skid Row better.”

“I do think Skid Row is stronger now than ever before. Erik can hit all the notes from those early albums and does it effortlessly. He’s got a ton of energy, and for us to sit here and watch him perform, man, it’s a pleasure. I couldn’t ask for anything better than what Erik has given us, and I wouldn’t trade it for anyone from the past.”

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