Squier Announces Road Worn Hardware Limited Edition Guitars and Basses, Here Are Some Details

For many years now, Fender’s road-worn guitars have been attracting a lot of attention. Although just an aesthetic feature, it’s still something welcome, giving that rugged rock ‘n’ roll looks and feels. However, guitars with such finish, both on the body and hardware, aren’t exactly the most affordable ones. Well, Squier has now announced a limited-edition run of cheaper alternatives with worn-out hardware finish.

In a new official statement, Squier shared some details on these guitars, reports Music Radar. These guitars are now available thought Fender’s website here, and the prices for all are $599. For the UK market, these guitars are all listed at £499. For the UK market, Andertons are handling most of the stuff, although you can also get them through Fender’s official website.

The release is part of the 40th Anniversary Vintage Edition line. Of course, Squier also offers more than just one models. Here’s what they offer within this limited run:

  • 40th Anniversary Stratocaster Gold Edition
  • 40th Anniversary Stratocaster Vintage Edition
  • 40th Anniversary Telecaster Gold Edition
  • 40th Anniversary Telecaster Vintage Edition
  • 40th Anniversary Jazzmaster Gold Edition
  • 40th Anniversary Jazzmaster Vintage Edition
  • 40th Anniversary Precision Bass Gold Edition
  • 40th Anniversary Precision Bass Vintage Edition
  • 40th Anniversary Jazz Bass Vintage Edition
  • 40th Anniversary Jazz Bass Gold Edition

As you can see, there’s something for everyone’s tastes. But no matter what you decide on, all of these instruments come with some serious vintage vibes. Aside from the worn-out look, we’re looking at vintage-style parts. For instance, Telecasters have those old-school bridges. But on top of that, there are also vintage-style closed-back tuning machines.

As if this wasn’t enough, options that come with non-maple fretboards, Indian laurel wood in this case, we can notice some fine-looking binding and block inlays. This goes hand-in-hand with the deliberately worn-out hardware, as well as some pretty dope finish options. Finally, we can also notice ’70s-style large headstocks on Strat models.

You can also check out this thorough demo by Andertons.

NEW Squier Vintage Guitars - Aged Hardware & Satin Finishes!

Photos: Fender

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