Tommy Thayer Opens Up on What He’ll Do After Kiss Is Done, Reveals Non-Music Business He’s Starting

Kiss may have been one of those artists that get criticized for being on a constant farewell tour. All the jokes aside, the band’s current run really seems to be their final one. Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons will finally call it a day and put Kiss behind. Unless, well, they decide to hire other musicians to do work under the Kiss moniker for them and reap profits.

Whatever may be the case, they’ve been holding a stable lineup with Eric Singer on drums and Tommy Thayer on guitar for a while now. And Eric and Tommy will go down in history as the band’s final members. But what are they going to do after the band is done?

Tommy Thayer - Guitar Solo | Buenos Aires Argentina - 23/4/2022

In a recent chat with Greg Phillips, Tommy Thayer was asked whether he plans on continuing his music career after “The End of the Road” tour, to which he replied (via Blabbermouth):

I don’t know if I’ll ever be in another band and that sort of thing, because how can you stop being in Kiss? But I’ll probably still be involved in music or in the entertainment biz on some level — maybe even with Kiss, ’cause Kiss is not gonna go away; the touring thing is, but the entity of Kiss and the brand and the music, that’s not gonna stop. So maybe there’s something for me to be involved with that.”

Discussing the issue further, Thayer revealed some new ventures that he’s investing in and which he plans on focusing on after the whole Kiss tour is done. If it’s all good, it seems that he won’t be a musician anymore but a businessman who branched out into different territories. He offered:

“I’ve been doing some other things — I’ve been involved in developing some animation projects, children’s animation projects, and maybe some of that will see the light of day.”

“I’ve also been delving into the wine business a little bit now. I bought some vineyard property up in Oregon, and I’ve got some wines coming out through my brother’s wine label. So there’s a lot of things. I’m always pretty busy; I’m quite involved in a lot of things. But as far as bands and things like that, playing in bands, I think this will be it for me as far as that goes.”

Photo: Alberto Cabello (Tommy Thayer – Azkena Rock Festival 2010 3)

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