Tool Surprise Opening Band Brass Against With ‘No Pee Zone’ Sign, Reminding Them of Last Year’s Incident

Initially known for their unique brass covers of some hard rock and metal classics, Brass Against got their five minutes of fame in 2021 with the now (in)famous on-stage urination incident. Not familiar with the controversy? All you need to know is that, back in November 2021, the group’s vocalist Sophia Urista called up a fan on stage, ordered the man to lie down, and then proceeded to urinate on his face. The audience, of course, recorded the incident and the videos spread like wildfire, ultimately prompting Daytona Beach Police to react. Not long after the incident, the vocalist shared a public apology, promising that this won’t ever happen again.

You can find the video of the incident through YouTube, although the platform keeps removing this stuff (for some reason). What also needs to be added is that the fan had a camera mounted on his head, although we’re not sure whether THAT video has emerged online.

Call it a publicity stunt, but Brass Against is currently touring as an opening act for prog metal champions Tool. They certainly got their name out there, but it seems that Tool, or Tool’s crew, just won’t give them a break. As Loudwire reports, Sophia Urista shared a photo on Twitter, showing a “no pee zone” sign duct-taped on the stage floor. It reads:

“NO PEE ZONE. No Urine Is To Be Deposited, Placed, Distributed, Sprinkled, Poured and/or Spread In This Immediate Area.”

Of course, judging by the fact that Sophia shared the photo through her social media, this is all a light-hearted joke. And judging by the style of humor, this could easily be Maynard’s idea. You can check out the post below. As for videos of the incident, they’re available online so search at your own risk.

Photo: YouTube screenshot, Twitter, Markus Felix via Wikimedia Commons


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