Two New Budget-Friendly EMG-Equipped Guitars Launched by Harley Benton, These Are the Prices and Some Specs

For quite a while now, Harley Benton have been delivering some pretty decent yet affordable electric guitars. However, they’ve been really stepping up their game in the past year or so. And now, the latest addition to their arsenal further raises the bar for all budget-friendly instruments. As Guitar World reports, they’ve now launched an S-style model and a T-style model, both bearing the same basic features. But, above all, they come equipped with a pair of EMG humbuckers. So let’s explore these instruments.

Called Fusion-T EMG HT and Fusion-III EMG HT, they have some identical specs. They both come with nyatoh bodies and maple necks with roasted maple fingerboards. There’s a total of 24 jumbo stainless steel frets and the fretboard radius is 305 mm or 12 inches. The scale length is your Fender-style 25.5 inches.

Both instruments also have the same pickup and electronics configuration. There’s a pair of EMG’s Retro Active Hot 70 humbuckers along with a 3-way switch and master controls for tone and volume.

Their body shapes are, obviously, different. Fusion-T is a Tele-style instrument, while Fusion-III is a Strat-style one. There’s also an indent at the Fusion-T’s cutaway, allowing easier access to higher frets. There’s also the expected headstock design difference. However, what’s pretty awesome is that they both come with inverted 6-in-line designs.

But other than that, we’re looking at pretty much the same features. Going further into these two beauties, bridges are both WSC Hipshot-style hardtails, and nuts are both Graph Tech TUSQ. Finally, we come to the incredible-looking black satin finish option, giving these instruments aesthetic features of more expensive models.

While we’re at it, the officially listed prices are just under $400 for both models. While this doesn’t put them within the cheapest guitars on the market, they’re definitely within the boundaries of budget-friendly models. Not to mention that you get some pretty incredible features at such a price point. If you need more info, check out Harley Benton’s collection of Fusion guitars here.

Photos: Harley Benton website


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