Undeath – “Strats are about as metal as you can get”

Undeath made waves back in 2020 when they released their debut album Lesions Of A Different Kind. Arriving deep in the pandemic and hot on the heels of two well recieved demos (Demo 19 and Sentient Autolysis) the record turned a lot of heads, with Pitchfork of all places giving it 8/10, calling it “catchy, impenetrable, and masterfully executed”.

After a few months on the road last year with Black Dahlia Murder, After The Burial, Carnifex and Rivers Of Nihil, the band are currently laying in wait for the release of their forthcoming record “It’s Time… To Rise From The Grave“, out April 22nd on Prosthetic Records.

The two singles released ahead of the record, both the title track and Head Splattered In Seven Ways show the band’s sound has matured, and benefits massively from the addition of gigantic hooks – there aren’t many modern death metal songs that get stuck in your head on first listen, but Undeath have cracked that nut.

We caught up with the band for our new YouTube channel (have you seen our new YouTube channel?) to talk about the new record, modelling amps, putting out records in a pandemic, and how Obituary basically made strats cool for everyone.


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KillerGuitarRigs Undeath Interview.

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