Watch: Luthier creates amazing one-piece guitar from a slab of wood

Fans of YouTube luthery videos will be aware of tchiks guitars, a self described “amateur woodworker” from Brussels, Belgium, not least for his previous viral project of creating a guitar from a shelf.

Not one to rest on his laurels, the man behind the tools decided to go one step further for his entry for the Great Guitar Buildoff 2021, creating a guitar from one single slab of wood.

The process is documented beautifully in this 23 minute video, covering the build from slab to licks.

The guitar was quite a hit, taking second place in the competition, and ultimately auctioned off on Ebay in June of this year, reached a final selling price of £2,675.00

I carved a guitar out of a SINGLE BLOCK OF WOOD

Brian Kelleher

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