What Delay Pedal Does Mark Tremonti use?

Mark Tremonti, the guitar player famous for being in Creed and Alter Bridge, has a unique tone that many would like to emulate or take from for their own guitar playing. His clean and digestible pop-rock and radio-rock tone make for an easy listen in any song that he plays. 

A big part of this is his delay effect, which can make his guitar lines spacey and atmospheric without making things hard to listen to. Tremonti uses a T-Rex Replica as his main delay pedal. Mostly, this is to give some depth to his guitar tone on solos but is often used as a traditional delay as well. 

But what other gear does Tremonti use to capture his great tone? Has he used other delay pedals before? What makes Tremonti a good guitar player to emulate anyway? Keep reading to find out more about Mark Tremonti, his gear, and his delay effect!

Who is Mark Tremonti?

As stated above, Mark Tremonti is the guitar player and founding member of both Creed and Alter Bridge. 

Having formed the band with lead singer Scott Stapp, Creed went on to become one of the leading bands of the post-grunge movement, winning a Grammy award as well as multiple Grammy nominations.

Tremonti’s guitar playing is no small part of Creed’s success either. As with any rock band, the guitar is the most recognizable instrument and is a major part of why people knew and loved Creed songs so much. 

After Creed’s disbanding, Tremonti, along with several other members of the band, went on to form Alter Bridge, who unfortunately saw far lower levels of commercial success. Still, their debut album, One Day Remains, did go gold. 

What delay pedal does Mark Tremonti use?

T-REX Replica Digital Delay Pedal

Commercial success or not aside, Tremonti’s guitar playing was the anchor for both Creed and Alter Bridge, and his delay effect is a big part of that, especially in his guitar solos. But what delay pedal does Mark Tremonti use to craft his signature sound?

Tremonti uses the T-Rex Replica as his main delay pedal. This is a digital delay pedal that gives the warm tone of an analog delay and adds a ton of depth and color to your guitar’s sound without taking over. 

You can hear Tremonti’s delay in use in many of Creed’s famous songs. Sometimes the effect is subtle, however, as it’s just used as depth for his guitar solos and riffs.

You can hear this a bit in their arguably most famous song, “With Arms Wide Open,” which is a great example of the more subtle use of delay in both the opening lick as well as the solo later in the song. 

What other gear is Mark Tremonti known for using?

Although delay is a big part of Mark Tremonti’s sound, it isn’t the only thing that makes Creed and Alter Bridge’s guitar sound so effective. There is many other pieces of gear that make Tremonti’s guitar sound like it does. 

Firstly, the guitar itself. Tremonti usually uses his PRS signature guitar, though sometimes he is seen playing a classic Stratocaster. Still, the vast majority of his playing at this point in his life is on his signature guitar. 

As far as his amps are concerned, he sticks mostly to the mesa boogie brand. These stacks give him plenty of volume while still being able to retain his punchy tone. 

Mark Tremonti Rig Run Through

As far as his non-delay effects pedals, there are quite a few that Tremonti has been known to use in the past. 

For overdrive, Tremonti’s go-to is the go-to of many other guitar players as well in the Ibanez Tube Screamer. The TS808 is his preferred model specifically. However, he sometimes sticks with the T-Rex brand for overdrive as well, opting instead for the T-Rex Engineering Michael Angelo Batio overdrive. 

As for more unique effects, he has been seen using the Eddy Van Halen EVH Phase 90 phaser pedal, which gives an intense phase effect. 

Of course, these are not the only pedals that Tremonti has used in his time with Creed and Alter Bridge. However, they are the most prominent. It’s nearly impossible to capture a guitar player’s full sound, due to all of the factors that go into what someone’s guitar playing sounds like. However, these pedals are a fantastic place to start. 

Wrap up!

So, there you have it! If you were looking for a short answer, Mark Tremonti uses the T-Rex Replica as his primary delay pedal. This isn’t a very common delay, but it is critically acclaimed for its quality and range of function. 

This pedal can be heard in many of Creed and Alter Bridge’s songs, sometimes as a true delay effect, but other times as a more subtle effect giving depth to licks and solos.