What Delay Pedal Does Rob Scallon Use?

For all kinds of musicians, crafting one’s unique sound is one of the most important and interesting parts of playing an instrument.

This is especially true of electric guitar and bass, as between amps, guitars, and pedals, there are a lot of ways to make yourself stand out sonically. Among all the many kinds of pedals, delay pedals really help in this regard because they are easy to hear and really stand out while being used. 

Rob Scallon is an American musician, multi-instrumentalist, and YouTuber who is partially famous for his excellent guitar playing. So what delay pedal does he use to craft his unique sound? 

Well, to achieve the delay effect he’s looking for, Scallon uses the Mooer Reecho digital delay. This pedal gives him a variety of sounds with three different delay effects and a wide range of available sounds. 

So why is this such a good delay for Rob Scallon? Why should it matter what pedal Rob Scallon uses? Has Rob Scallon used other delay pedals before? What other gear is Rob Scallon known for? Read on to find out all you need to know about Rob Scallon and his delay pedal!

Who is Rob Scallon?

30 Songs in 1 Minute

Rob Scallon is an American musician and YouTuber. Famous for playing covers and originals alike, he has been making YouTube videos since 2007, and really began to find his footing on the site in 2008 by producing folk and bluegrass twists on popular metal riffs from bands such as Metallica, Slipknot, and Slayer. 

He is not just a YouTuber however and has released several albums as well. His EP, the Anchor, along with his LP, The Scene is Dead, were released through DFTBA records, while his other material is self-released. 

Scallon also has a signature line of guitars for scale, which was updated with 3 new guitars as recently as 2020. 

What delay pedal does Rob Scallon use?

Getting Delay, without using any effects...

As mentioned above, Scallon uses the Mooer Reecho Digital Delay in order to capture his delay sound. 

This is a fantastic pedal to use as it gives a wide variety of sounds, takes up very little space on the board, and is extremely easy to control. 

There are 3 different delay modes on the Mooer Reech Digital Delay. These include analog delay, real echo, and tape echo. 

The analog delay gives a smooth and warm echoey sound, similar to other analog delay pedals on the market. This is a very classic sound and can fit many different types of music. 

Real echo tries to simulate the sound of a natural echo, such as the acoustics of outdoors or a large, empty room. This can create rather large, ambient, and spacey sounds, which are great for certain kinds of music as well. 

Lastly, the tape echo, as its name would suggest, tries to simulate a tape echo machine, creating a spacey and sweet digital sound. 

All of these three are fantastic options, and with all three you can have the delay you need for essentially any riff or song you mean to play! Having these three options is one of the major strengths of this pedal. 

The pedal’s controls are also exceptionally easy to use. Simply use the switch to select one of the three delay types, and then the dials to adjust your effect level and feedback level. These will allow you to change the sound within one of the three delay types. 

Finally, it is quite a small pedal, meaning that it is extremely easy to fit onto a pedalboard, leaving room for other larger or more cumbersome pedals. This doesn’t mean it’s fragile though, as its full metal casing actually makes it quite a durable piece of equipment. 

What other gear does Rob Scallon use?

The World's Largest Guitar Pedalboard (world record)

However, it’s not just a delay pedal that makes Rob Scallon’s rig so great! Although he has far too much gear to go over (he even won a Guinness world record for largest pedalboard), there are a few key elements that should be mentioned. 

Firstly, his guitars. There is a massive list of guitars that Rob Scallon uses, but he tends to trend towards Schecter and Chapman brands. These guitars allow him to move around the neck quickly and easily, letting him play complicated chords as well as shred wild riffs and solos to his heart’s content. 

Though his guitars are a big part of his sound, his amps are just as important. Rob plays through many different kinds of amps, but can oftentimes be seen playing through a Marshall stack. 

As far as his other pedals go, Rob has hundreds. A few of the highlights are the Boss MT-2 Metal Zone, the Boss DS-1 Distortion, and the TC Electronic Ditto Looper. 

Wrap up!

Rob Scallon is a very talented musician with an impressive guitar rig to boot. One of the core pieces of this rig is the Mooer Reecho Digitial Delay, which gives him a wide variety of delay sounds he can use for the wide variety of song types he plays!