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What Loop Pedal Does John Mayer Use?

When we think of the most talented guitar players currently making music right now, John Mayer is at the forefront of the list. A lot of this is because of his sheer technical skill, songwriting ability, and consistency. However, his guitar’s beautiful sound and his ability to harmonize and write layered melodies are also a huge part of why he’s so popular. 

This means that a big part of John Mayer’s sound and performance is his use of a loop pedal. But what loop pedal is Mayer’s go-to? John Mayer uses a TC Electronic Ditto x2 looper effects pedal. This small but effective loop pedal allows for consistent and clean-sounding looping with easy, intuitive controls and a small size that takes up less space on your board. 

But who is John Mayer and why is his sound worth emulating? What makes the TC Electronic Ditto x2 a good loop pedal for all guitarists? What other gear does John Mayer use regularly? Read on and find out!

Who is John Mayer?

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John Mayer is an American singer, songwriter, producer, and guitar player who has won grammies and produced multiple best-selling records. Spanning from laid-back acoustic playing on his early records and moving through multiple other genres such as blues and pop as he and his sound matured. 

Mayer has collaborated with a number of extremely talented and influential guitarists such as B.B. King and Eric Clapton during his now long and busy career. Over the course of making his eight studio albums, Mayer has crafted a unique and diverse sound centered around his virtuosic guitar playing and his laid-back but strong use of effects. 

Mayer has had success with a fair few other musical ventures as well. Filling rather large shoes by touring with Dead and Company is probably at the top of this list, as well as his long list of collaborations with other extremely famous and influential musicians. 

What loop pedal does John Mayer use?

In order to create depth and space as a solo act, especially in the early days before he had a backing band (or when he just wants to repeat guitar licks and phrases), Mayer has been known to use a loop pedal. 

When he opts to loop guitar phrases, Mayer uses the TC Electronic Ditto x2 looper effects pedal. This small but reliable pedal gives simple and easy control over looping to guitarists while taking up minimal space on their pedalboard. 

Some of the great features of this little pedal include the following: 

The Ditto x2 has a stop button to stop the loop whenever needed. This may seem small, but anyone who’s actually used loop pedals knows how important it is to be able to cut the loop at the exact moment necessary to lock up with other instruments, end songs sharply, or transition into different rhythms easily. 

This pedal also gives you up to 5 minutes of looping time as well as unlimited overdubs, meaning there is essentially no limit at all to how much and how long you can loop over your song.

This gives the ability to create extremely deep and atmospheric sounds, as well as use as many tracks as you want to harmonize, create ambient noise, or give depth by repeating your current lick. 

The Ditto x2 gives guitarists the ability to import and export their loops in .wav format, meaning that they can save whatever they create, or create something and import it directly to their pedalboard from their compute as well. 

What other gear is John Mayer known for using?

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There are a number of other pieces of gear that John Mayer is known for using regularly. 

First and foremost, Mayer’s guitar. Mayer has used a number of guitars, but he can most often be spotted using some kind of Fender Stratocaster. This comes as no surprise, as it is the choice of many great guitarists. Its classic sound along with its versatility and ability to play in any style makes it great for Mayer’s eclectic songwriting and live performance. 

As far as amps go, Mayer has used a ton in his career. So many that it probably isn’t worth listing them out here. He does tend to lean towards either Fender or Two-Rock brand guitar amps and seems to like playing through tube amps far more than solid-state ones. 

As far as non-loop effects pedals, there is a number that Mayer has used throughout his career. 

For a little bit of overdrive, Mayer likes to use the Ibanez Tube Screamer, a great OD for all genres. To balance out his guitar sound, he likes to use an MXR 10 band EQ or a boss GE-7 equalizer. 

Wrap up!

John Mayer is a world-renown guitar player due to his songwriting ability and technical skill, as well as his guitar sound. Nowhere is his skill in playing the instrument and crafting his sound more prevalent than when he loops. To do this looping, he uses the TC Electronic Ditto x2 looper effects pedal, a fantastic pedal for any guitar player looking to add looping to their shredding repertoire.