What Loop Pedal Does Peter Bence Use?

Contrary to popular belief, effects pedals don’t have to just be for guitars. Though most are designed with the guitar in mind, many can be used for other instruments as well. This is most true for pedals that don’t change the instrument’s sound very much (if at all).

A prime example of this is a loop pedal or loop station. It takes phrases you play on your instrument and repeats them back. 

Peter Bence is an example of a non-guitar musician who loves to use loops. But what loop station does Peter Bence use? 

Peter Bence’s preferred loop station is the Boss RC-300. It can be seen on the ground nearby his piano in many of his covers and live performances as well. This reliable and versatile pedal allows Peter to record, bank, and layer a ton of loops to add depth and substance to his solo performance. 

But what makes Peter Bence’s sound worthy of studying anyway? Who is he? What makes the Boss RC-300 the perfect loop pedal for Bence and a great overall choice for loops? Is there any other gear that Bence is known for using? Read on to find out everything you need to know about Peter Bence and his loop station! 

Who is Peter Bence?

The Loop Song - Peter Bence (Original Song)

So who exactly is Peter Bence? Peter Bence is a Hungarian-born pianist who’s gained massive popularity in recent years for his lively and interesting arrangements for popular songs on the piano. These include songs like “Despacito,” as well as other songs by pop sensations like Sia and Michael Jackson as well. 

Bence isn’t only a master of covers though and has a number of extremely popular songs he’s composed himself as well such as “Letting it Go” and “The Loop Song.”

In these songs, Peter combines his classically trained technical piano skill with creative and interesting uses of not only his loop station but the piano itself, using it as a percussion instrument as well as plucking the strings themselves at times too.

Peter Bence was also the holder of a Guinness World Record. His record is for the most piano key hits in one minute, in which he struck a piano key 765 times in a minute. Talk about fast hands! However, this record has since been broken. 

Bence went to the Berkley School of Music from 2010 and 2015 where he earned a Master’s Degree in Film Scoring and Electronic Production and Design. 

What looper does Peter Bence use?

September | Piano x Loop Pedal Cover - Peter Bence

As mentioned above, the looper of choice for Bence’s recorded YouTube sessions as well as his live performances is the Boss RC-300 loop station. This looper contains a ton of utility and allows Bence to loop everything he needs to loop to create a full, deep sound all on his own. 

The RC-300 has three stereo tracks each with its own footswitch, allowing you to manipulate each of them individually at will. Each track also has its own dedicated fader, so you can balance the levels of each of them as you see fit. 

The RC-300 is especially good for non-guitar looping, as it has XLR inputs for microphones, meaning you can mic up any instrument and input it into the loop station. This makes it easily a great choice for Bence’s piano. 

This looper also has the ability to import and export .wav files, meaning you can record what you made and save it as a file. This also means that you can send backing tracks from your computer or phone to the looper and use them in performance. 

What other gear is Peter Bence known for using?

Is there any other gear that Peter Bence uses regularly? Well, not particularly, as far as pedals, other instruments, and amplification are concerned. 

However, his other major piece of gear is his piano, which he uses in every way you can possibly imagine. Bence has used a great number of pianos in his videos and live shows. This is due to the fact that pianos are quite difficult to transport, meaning that taking the same one with him to every show on the tour is probably nearly impossible. 

This leads to Bence not always being able to do the same antics (such as the use of parts of the piano as percussion, and alternative ways of playing the piano) in live shows as he does in his videos. 

Wrap up!

Peter Bence is a prime example of how the use of effects pedals such as loopers should not be reserved for just guitar players. His creativity and technical skill not only make him a great piano player but an excellent user of the looper as well. The Boss RC-300 is the perfect loop pedal for Bence, and is a great choice for anyone looking to loop any instrument creatively!