Zakk Wylde Reveals Ozzy Osbourne’s ’Secret to Life,’ Recalls Ozzy Not Knowing of Legendary Rock Album

Going well into his eighth decade on this planet, Ozzy Osbourne is still kicking and, hopefully, going out on the road in 2023. With two different yet amazing new albums behind him, the singer proved that he can bend the rules even as an established musician in the genre. The latest album “Patient Number 9” saw him bring in what’s probably the most epic lineup of musicians in rock and metal music, maybe beyond.

Ozzy Osbourne - One of Those Days (Official Music Video) ft. Eric Clapton

But sure, he can bring in Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Tony Iommi, Slash, and other guys to do something with him. But his music and his voice are complemented the best by his good old friend Zakk Wylde. The guitarist who is almost synonymous with Ozzy’s solo band has recently chatted with Revolver, discussing various Ozzy-related topics.

Asked about how working with Ozzy impacted his creative development, Zakk replied:

“I view it as a fraternity and a brotherhood. That’s the college that we went to, you know what I mean? It’s our alma mater and we all go back and celebrate.”

“I always view it as like the New York Yankees. Once you put that uniform on, it doesn’t matter what other team you’ve ever played on. When you become a New York Yankee, what’s expected out of you is championships every year. “

OZZY OSBOURNE - Patient Number 9 & Crazy Train at Rams Season Opener (Live Performance)

“There is no losing season. You’re expected to win every time. Once you put that uniform on, you’re not on a normal team. That’s the way I’ve always viewed and it’s an honor.”

When asked about a “standout story or memory from recording with Ozzy,” Zakk recalled one studio experience from back in the day. He offered:

“We were up in Bearsville, New York, at Bearsville studios [in the Nineties]. And the console that was in there was used for the Who’s ‘Tommy.‘ So the guy’s explaining to Oz about what this console is. Me and you would be like, ‘Wow, this is pretty cool,‘ because it’s a piece of history, you know? Like, The Who’s ‘Tommy‘ was recorded on this console.‘”

The Who / Tommy - Pinball Wizard (1969)

“[The engineer is] going, ‘Oz, you know what was recorded on this? ‘Tommy.” Oz goes, ‘Huh? Who’s Tommy?‘ And he is like, ‘Come on, Oz. You know, ‘Tommy‘ was recorded on this.‘ Oz goes, ‘Who the fuck is Tommy?‘ He says ‘The Who! ‘Tommy’ the opera!’

“Oz goes, ‘Ohh,‘ and then Oz leans over to me and goes, ‘They’re going to have to use coal to fire this thing up!‘ The guy was sitting there trying to impress Ozzy with these historical facts and Ozzy’s just oblivious. He’s not a gearhead. He’s like, ‘Just gimme the mic and let me sing.‘”

When asked about what’s the best piece of advice that he has gotten from Ozzy, Zakk said:

“Him and my father, they would tell me, ‘Work hard and don’t be a douche,‘ and that’s pretty much it. Then they just left. I said, ‘Is there anything else?‘ They go, ‘That’s pretty much it. We gotta go now.‘ [Laughs] That’s the secret to life.”

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