About Killer Guitar Rigs

Who Are We?

Killer Guitar Rigs (KGR) was created to serve as a comprehensive repository of guitar-related information, buying guides, and gear reviews. With a mission to be the best in the business, our objective is to become the ultimate reader-supported free resource for students and guitar enthusiasts around the world. 

KGR is the brainchild of Brian Kelleher – a musician who has been playing the guitar for the past 15 years. However, he quickly realized that this was not a job for a single person. As he expanded into the sub-categories of guitars and production, he started putting together a solicitous team of passionate musicians and recording artists to cover all the bases.

Today, each member of this rapidly expanding enterprise is a stalwart in his or her field. They bring years of experience and an unbridled passion to support the aspirations of our readers. They ensure that every article we put up is a silo of information that is worth reading and sharing.

What do we do?

We prudently curated a team of veteran writers with first-hand experience in music, recording, and production to coverall facets of guitar playing and rig building. Heck, we’ve even got a luthier on the team!

Every month the team gets together to brainstorm the agenda based on research and data insights – to create fresh content that has unrivaled accuracy and speckled with real insights.

We aim to create the best and most trustworthy content like buying guides, how-to articles and gear reviews that make it simple for you to find the right product for your skill level and expertise.

We depend on you spreading the word about KillerGuitarRigs in order to keep making these free guides and resources. Thanks to your interest in our work, we’ve been growing rapidly and have been able to publish high-quality content on a regular schedule.

How do we do it?

We often review gear and products by rigorously testing products and doing head-to-head comparisons whenever needed. It is important to have a strict editorial calendar so that we can order, test and review the equipment before we publish our recommendations. 

We are all musicians who have, at some point, shared the plight and struggled with the dilemmas that our readers face. We draw on our experiences to make considerate suggestions keeping your preferences in mind. Our research is thorough, our acclamations are considerate and our content is precise.

Our buying guides aim to explain every nuance of the product category they feature and our reviews attempt to thin the herd so that you can make a quick and reliable choice. As a final step, all work is filtered through the keen eye of our editorial team before it is uploaded on the website.  

KGR – Our Values

KGR is built on holistic values and an enduring work ethic – the prerequisite of any worthwhile endeavor of a successful organization. Our values serve your needs and your needs are our call to action.

In tune with our audience and community

We live, love, and lead with music in our own lives. Passion and compassion attune us to the music community we engage with – a privilege that we honor every step of the way.

An ear for music and an eye for details

We are part-artists and part-entrepreneurs, with one hand on the pulse of musicians and another on data and analytics. We create in-depth content to ensure that once you’ve read our article you don’t need to look any further.

Experience, Expertise, and Expression

We wake up each day wondering how to do this better. We are hungry to grow and improve. We love the challenge and are unapologetically consumer-driven. 

This is our jam and you’re invited

We give each other space when needed and come together in a harmonious crescendo when the time is right. Like any good musician, we aim to create an ambiance that is musical and memorable without being too erudite. 

KGR – Our Team

Founder/Director of Content, Brian

Brian has been playing music since 1986 when his older brother taught him to play Gigantic by The Pixies on a bass with two strings. Since then he’s owned dozens of instruments from guitars to e-drums, and spent more time than he’d like to admit sitting in vans waiting for venues to open across Europe and the US.

Back in 2018 or so Brian started the @KillerGuitarRigs Instagram page as a way to share cool looking guitars with people, and when the global shutdown came knocking in 2020, he decided to grow KGR into a website to kill some spare time. Since then the team has grown, and KGR is now the best place to find out about the killer guitarists that the big brands aren’t telling you about.

Favorite Genre: Metal, Punk, 90s Alternative

Lead Writer, Simon

Simon is an Orlando based musician, but originally hails from Newcastle, England.

He started playing bass and guitar in 1998, and played the local scene throughout his teen years before life got in the way.

Simon is a self confessed gear head, and will be keeping KGR readers up to speed with reviews and guides to all the latest guitars and equipment.

When he’s not playing guitar or writing KGR pieces, you’ll probably find him playing with his kids, walking the dog, or clangin’ and bangin’ at the gym.

Favorite Genres: Blues, Classic Rock, and he’s not ashamed to admit – Emo

Staff Writer, Liam

UK born gear nerd that happens to play guitar. Began playing properly at the age of 12 after hearing Soilwork’s Natural Born Chaos and deciding trying to sound like Peter Wichers was a respectable life goal.

Full time guitar teacher and over the last decade has become involved in the audio/production side of things.

Currently plays a Carillion Polaris with Fishman Fluence pickups and a Kemper profiler rack.

Staff Writer, Dan

Dan’s guitar journey began… on the bass. Which is a kind of guitar, right? He grew up playing in bands in the local NY hardcore scene and adding his signature mix of thumb thumping and deadly Drop D distortion. During that time, he managed to learn just enough about theory and songwriting to be dangerous, and slightly nerdy—in a good way.

Since picking up the guitar he has enjoyed playing a mix of styles, everything from folk and rock to punk and blues. Tons of blues. These days he mostly enjoys messing around with his guitars, bass, and looper pedal while developing new material. Coming soon to an open mike near you!

Suyasha Portrait

Staff Writer, Suyasha

Suyasha Sengupta is a singer, songwriter, and music producer from India. She currently makes music under the moniker ‘Plastic Parvati’ and uses her platform to discuss issues such as politics, rights, and gender in India.

She’s also a part of the band Hotel Kali, an Indo-German collective.

When she’s not writing about, making, or performing music, she likes to practice and teach yoga and play with her two cats.

Anshul Portrait

Staff Writer, Anshul

Anshul picked up the guitar when he was 8, but decided to try his hands on other hobbies. Circling back to the six-string at 15, he’s been jamming Metallica ever since, and as a product of the digital age, is an amp modeller fanatic.

After trying over a dozen multi-fx units and plugins, he’s still chasing the perfect tone. But he does his best to help fellow KGR readers out with some hard-earned digital wisdom.

When he’s not shredding some Periphery with his band Black Flower, you’ll likely catch him cozy in bed watching the latest Netflix rom-com.

Favorite Genre: Classic Rock, Thrash Metal, and Progressive

Staff Writer, Gustavo

Gustavo is a Portuguese musician based in Barcelona, where he’s studying jazz & modern music interpretation on the electric guitar.

Halfway through a degree in applied biology, he decided that he’d take his chances and change his life in order to be as involved with music as he possibly could.

When he isn’t playing, listening to new records or looking up music gear online, he loves to go for a bike ride around the city, and also taking care of his pet ball python named Darwin.

Favorite genre: blues, jazz, funk, soul

Staff Writer, Martin

Martin grew up in a small-town in Australia and moved to the American West Coast when he was 15. He started building guitars with brother and father in their garage in the 80s, and today he works as a full-time luthier and part-time writer for KGR. He loves resonators, open tunings, and collects old Guild guitars – hoping someday they will make a comeback. He also plays the harmonica like a boss. 

From tonewoods to timbre, from electronics to neck-profiles – this man has fitted and filed far too many guitars to let any detail go unnoticed. He owns a cozy music shop and often helps us with our detailed gear reviews and technical content. Furthermore, he never misses a chance to tell us young guns how every single record release after 1976 is ‘garbo’.

Favorite Genre: AC/DC, mate.”

Staff Writer, Andrew

Andrew started learning the piano at the age of 6. He shifted to the guitar in high school and never looked back… for two years. Then he picked up the mandolin and knew that was it – until he bought a djembe…

17 years later, everyone in every Guitar Center department knows Andrew on a first-name basis, but he is still looking for his dream instrument. He teaches music to kids, hosts drum-circles, performs at small-venues and cafes on weekends, and travels like there is no tomorrow. We are currently helping him fund his trip to Australia so he can become the next didgeridoo legend… for a few months.  

Favorite Genre: Acoustic, Folk, Indie, World Music