Something to


And have fun doing it.

Something to


And have fun doing it.

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My Crazy Amp Deal

Either someone messed up the pricing on this one or FedEX is going to deliver a box of books to my house.

Guitarists killing tone

Most guitarists “slap a 57 on it” without realizing how much tone they’re leaving behind. We have some tips.

Over $500k of guitars

Adam and Brian went to the guitar show. Adam tricked Brian into making a YouTube face. Brian will have revenge.

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Master the fretboard

Our 7 minute guided practice routine to learn every note on the fretboard.

Adult Beginners

You’re literally never too old to learn guitar. Encore Guitar is specially made for adult beginners.

Learn Hendrix

Our masterclass series breaks down your favorite players into actionable bite sized style points.

Upcoming Events we’re sponsoring

Damnation 2024

Manchester, UK, November 2nd 2024

Official Sponsor

KillerGuitarRigs is excited to be one of the early sponsors of the 2024 Damnation Festival, featuring some of our favorite current heavy bands – Russian Circles, 200 Stab Wounds, Gatecreeper, Florida locals Gillian Carter, as well as the unexpected and triumphant return of NAILS.

Festival Organizer Gavin McInally had this to say:

“Damnation is absolutely delighted to be partnering with Killer Guitar Rigs. We were blown away to be approached by a like-minded business from the other side of the Atlantic and look forward to working together this year and hopefully for many to come.”

“I have no doubt that our fanbase will enjoy the excellent content KGC’s has to offer as there’s more than a few guitar geeks among the ranks at Damnation!”

Fest 22

Gainesville, FL, US, October 25/26/27 2024

Official Sponsor

Super excited for our second year being a Fest sponsor.

I (Brian) first went to Fest way back in 2005, and I’ve travelled from Ireland, the UK, Australia and Thailand to be there on different years.

Fest is even how I ended up living in the US – so it feels very full circle to be able to sponsor the festival now.

This year I’m looking forward to Flatliners, Copyrights, Dopamines, City Of Caterpillar, Debt Neglector, Zeta, and a ton of other bands.

See you there!

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Buy A guitar

Playability, clarity, build quality, and style – the four fundamental pillars.

How to Build a Guitar Amp Cabinet

build a cab

Funnily enough, as far as guitar projects go, cabs are actually one of the cheapest and easiest to pull off. Let’s take a look.

Pick An amp

Everything you could need to know, from types of amps to what’s up with tubes.

We Test Everything We Review

Our purpose-built studio in Orlando allows us to test, video, and photograph everything we review. If we’re going to tell you the best delay pedals, we ask our team for their favorites, then round them up and shoot them out (the pedals, not the people).

Honestly, it’s a lot of fun.

The Test Team

Gear is subjective, so our goal is always to try and get as much of the team involved as possible so that you’re not just getting one person’s opinion.

Brian Kelleher

Founder, editor, unrepentant metalhead

Simon Morgan

One Of The Worst Guitarists You’ve Never Heard

Rodrigo Sanchez

Easily the Best kept secret in panama

David Slavkovic

Easily the worst kept secret in syria

Liam Engl

International Man of metal

Suyasha Sengupta

pedal obsessive, sonic journeywoman

Anshul Jain

Metalhead / Djent / Introvert

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